More COVID LIES: Fauci gave millions in grant money to scientist to pressure him into silence about COVID origins

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grant-money-used-to-cover-up-covid-origins(NaturalHealth365)  The federal government distributes over $700 billion of grant money annually.  Though there is some justification for a limited grant, many constitute reckless spending of hard-earned taxpayer dollars.  In particular, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the former head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), shelled out grant money in an attempt to silence his peers about the origins of COVID-19.

It has been reported that Dr. Anthony Fauci awarded a whopping $2 million of grant money to a scientist after pressuring him to remain quiet about the true source of the virus that forever changed humanity.

Fauci used millions in grant money to pressure scientist into silence about COVID origins

Rewind to the winter of 2020 when the virus first reared its ugly head and a Scripps Research Institute scientist, Kristian Andersen, began to consider going public with his suspicion that the virus emerged from a laboratory.   However, Fauci’s multimillion-dollar grant quickly muted Andersen’s concerns.

Andersen and his peers analyzed the SARS-CoV-2 genome sequence and quickly suspected it was man-made within a lab.  This analysis runs contrary to the mainstream media’s narrative, which it has since backtracked on.  The mainstream media initially insisted either a bat or a wild animal at a Wuhan meat market was the source of the virus.

Andersen, a revered virologist who has advanced the infectious disease research field, including the analysis of virus evolution, was adamant that the virus genome did not naturally evolve.  However, this viewpoint was quickly quashed by Dr. Fauci’s hush money.

Fauci and Andersen engaged in a conference call, yet the details of that call were not fully released to the public.  However, the mere fact that the call occurred and an email transmitted from Fauci’s superior, Francis Collins, cautioned about the risk of suggesting non-evolutionary origins of the virus make it clear that there was an attempt to misguide the public.

Andersen subsequently altered his position on the virus origin, suggesting that the lab leak theory was nothing but the daydreaming of conspiracy theorists hellbent on mischaracterizing the federal government as an evil entity.

Interestingly, Andersen co-authored a scientific paper in Nature Medicine that insisted the virus was not made in a lab or otherwise manipulated by scientists.  Author Andrew Huff reports that the virologist received nearly $2 million worth of grant dollars from Fauci’s National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Critical thinkers will connect the dots and justifiably assume the grant money was provided for pivoting to a more acceptable narrative.

It is time to hold perpetrators accountable

Andersen is now in damage control mode.  Though the virologist admits that he once considered the lab leak theory plausible, his stance in his paper stemmed from additional data analysis and discourse with fellow virologists.  Andersen has lost all credibility in the eyes of millions.  He knew the truth and chose to stay silent.

And even though the NIH has since halted funding for gain-of-function research, it appears to be too little too late.  The damage has been done.  The question is: will there be accountability?

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