COVID jab, not the virus, is largely responsible for uptick in heart damage

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covid-jab-responsible-for-heart-damage(NaturalHealth365)  Nanoparticles are tiny particles of matter between 1 nanometer (nm) and 100 nanometers in diameter.  Though you might not have heard of these tiny structures, you will undoubtedly be inundated with information about their use in medical treatments in the years ahead.

In particular, the use of nanoparticles in COVID injections is generating controversy.  Do COVID shots’ nanoparticles cause heart damage and other adverse health outcomes?  Let’s find out.

Dr. Peter McCullough: mRNA COVID jabs “install the genetic code,” damaging heart, blood vessels

According to Dr. Peter McCullough, the Chief Scientific Officer at The Wellness Company and one of the most respected cardiologists in the United States, the more COVID injections one receives, the greater the likelihood of infection.  McCullough even goes as far as insisting that COVID infections after injection become cumulatively worse.

The physician is adamant that it is the COVID jab instead of the virus responsible for heart damage.

Dr. McCullough explains that the injections install a genetic code through lipid nanoparticles.  The nanoparticles move throughout the human body, compromising the heart and blood vessels, resulting in potentially deadly blood clots and heart damage.


Big Pharma injections decimate health of shot recipients

Surf the web, turn on the news, or listen to your radio, and you are bound to hear or see a reference to one or more sudden deaths.  At the very least, your information consumption will uncover content about the increasing number of shot-induced adverse health outcomes among the general populace.

Myocarditis linked to the COVID shot is especially concerning.  Although this form of heart muscle inflammation can result from a viral infection, it can also result from COVID jab, ultimately compromising the heart’s rhythm, including its ability to pump blood.

A growing number of patients diagnosed with myocarditis can trace the damage back to their injection.  The uncomfortable truth is that myocarditis is a complication stemming from Big Pharma’s mRNA used in coronavirus jabs.

Evidence continues to accumulate suggesting a link between COVID shots and heart damage

Fast forward a decade into the future, and you just might find a significant portion of the population has myocarditis or other heart problems due to COVID injections.  Unfortunately, at the moment, the data about myocarditis and other heart injuries resulting from the shots is limited.

For example, a recent retrospective study analyzed data from nearly 100 adult patients saddled by myocarditis.  The study revealed 22% of the patients suffered myocarditis after receiving the injection.  It is particularly interesting to note that patients diagnosed with myocarditis after the shot were more likely to be relatively young and of the male sex when juxtaposed with other groups.  Each of the 21 patients diagnosed with myocarditis after injection experienced chest pain that began within a week after injection and lasted upwards of nearly a whole week afterward.

Stay tuned as more information about myocarditis and other negative health outcomes from the jab are revealed in the weeks ahead.

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