More of this, please! Governor DeSantis to hold COVID shot makers accountable for false claims

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desantis-takes-aim-at-covid-shot-makers(NaturalHealth365)  The COVID shot was originally touted as Big Pharma’s greatest achievement to date: an mRNA-based injection that would halt the spread of coronavirus, prevent hospitalization and reduce the potential for death.  As time has progressed, truth-seekers such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have courageously stepped forward to shine the spotlight on Big Pharma’s greed and manipulation.

DeSantis is bravely highlighting shot-makers’ false claims.  Though the Florida Governor is alone in his crowd, there is the potential for other governors on both the political right and left to step up and demand accountability from an industry that has become morally bankrupt.

DeSantis takes aim at Moderna and Pfizer, intends to hold them accountable for making false claims about their COVID shots

In a shocking turn of events, DeSantis is bucking the political scene’s overarching trend, targeting the Big Pharma powerhouses of Pfizer and Moderna.  DeSantis will hold the shot-makers accountable for erroneous claims made about mRNA shots that failed to stop the spread of coronavirus.  DeSantis made his intentions known in early December at a private event hosted at the Governor’s Mansion by the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF).

DeSantis noted how his administration will hold vax-makers accountable for false advertising of COVID shots that have proven to harm human health.  The plain truth is COVID shots have led to horrifying effects, such as myocarditis, blood clots, additional injuries, and sudden death.  The mainstream media in the United States and elsewhere will never admit it, yet the truth is the vast majority of people would have enjoyed better health outcomes had they avoided the mRNA shots altogether.

DeSantis is not alone in the battle for justice

Though DeSantis is a political renegade, he has the support of Florida Surgeon General Joseph A. Ladapo.  Ladapo and DeSantis will work together to hold the makers of the mRNA shot accountable for false claims.

Three years ago, Pfizer and Moderna heads insisted the shot had no adverse side effects, yet history has proven otherwise.  No company should get away with such a heinous crime.

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Florida study shows increased risk of cardiac deaths among vaxxed individuals 18 and older

Pro-vaxxers on both sides of the political aisle are quick to criticize the likes of DeSantis simply because societal groupthink has determined it is unacceptable to criticize Big Pharma’s mRNA concoctions.  However, DeSantis has cold hard facts and figures to support his stance.  The Governor points to a recent analysis conducted in Florida in which there was a striking increase in cardiac mortality in individuals between the ages of 18 and 39 after receiving the mRNA shot.

If DeSantis achieves his goal, Big Pharma executives will be held accountable for their false claims and gross negligence.  Negligence is a term commonly used by those in the legal industry to refer to a party’s failure to provide others with due care.  Though the vax was administered to the public through the federal government’s Emergency Use Authorization that shields against legal liability, there is a legal loophole if such products were produced fraudulently.

Will justice be served?

The wheels of justice are now in motion after a pharmaceutical industry whistleblower named Brook Jackson filed a lawsuit insinuating Pfizer fraudulently violated protocols during COVID vax clinical trials.  If Jackson wins her suit, it will pave a path toward justice for everyone deceived by profit-driven pharmaceutical companies more interested in their bottom line than helping humanity.

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