More parents say no to childhood vax mandates, demand right to choose

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parents-say-no-to-childhood-vaxes(NaturalHealth365)  More and more parents are responding with a resounding “No!” when asked to inject their children with a host of vaxxes on the childhood immunization schedule.  Brave parents are stepping forward to denounce the vax program and exert their civil liberty to choose.  Bodily autonomy is at stake, and responsible parents are choosing freedom over social control schemes designed by the evil alliance of Big Government and Big Pharma.

At the heart of the growing unrest is whether COVID vax should be a precondition for attending public school.  According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, parents are becoming less interested in vaxxing their kids as they learn more about the actual contents of the shot.

Vax makers are losing the battle of perception

It is often said that all publicity is good publicity.  However, in the case of the COVID vax program, the more the media touches on injection risks, the less interest the public has in taking sequential shots – and other childhood vaxxes in general.

The Kaiser Family Foundation survey – which included 1,259 adults – reveals that 35% of parents now believe they should be able to decide whether to vax their children, up from 23% in 2019.

Why are parents turning against mandatory child vaxxing?

As is often the case in life, the “why” of the issue matters more than anything.  Those with a commitment to truth and justice are willing to question everything, including COVID shots that are supposedly beneficial to human health.

A simple search on the internet for “sudden death” and “vax injury” will generate an overwhelming number of search results, which is likely to contribute to the growing hesitance to subject children to any type of shot.  The plain truth is there is an increasing number of life-altering injuries and deaths resulting from the COVID shot program, which has likely undermined trust in vax programs.

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Parents must stand up and protect their children from Big Pharma’s greed for profit

Big Pharma, the CDC, and the FDA are working in unison to promote a never-ending cycle of COVID shots.  If the unholy alliance of Big Pharma and Big Government has its way, the public will receive an infinite number of COVID shots across posterity simply because doing so is profitable.

Forcing the public to receive shots to participate in the workforce and attend school also serves as a social control mechanism.  However, those who do their homework find Big Pharma failed to put its COVID shots through the proper safety testing.  The vax causes harm and even death, yet the mainstream media conveniently ignores those facts, choosing to recite the script handed down by the federal government and its corporate backers in the pharmaceutical industry.

The tide is shifting in favor of freedom

The Kaiser Family Foundation poll also reveals important insights into the psychology of parents who are taking the initiative to find alternative sources of media that tell the truth about the COVID shot and offer a different perspective from mainstream media propaganda.  Thankfully, fewer parents favor vax mandates to attend public school, which concerns pro-vax critics, as the growing jab hesitancy may lead to reduced compliance with state-mandated childhood immunization schedules.

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