SHOCKING evidence: COVID shots are “toxic by design,” made with clear intent-to-harm

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covid-shots-are-toxic-by-design(NaturalHealth365)  Those willing to step out of the mainstream news cycle and consider alternative points of view are speculating as to whether Big Pharma made COVID shots toxic by intention or by mistake.  Do some digging, and you’ll find Big Pharma and public officials within the United States government promoted coronavirus injections that were toxic by design.

Framed as the pharmaceutical industry’s latest and greatest innovation, the COVID shot turned out to be a massive public health net negative.  As revealed in BitChute videos and other corners of the internet that the mainstream media insidiously labels as “fringe”, COVID shots are a latent attempt to compromise the human condition, both physically and spiritually.

COVID injection is a bioweapon, government documents reveal

Fast forward a couple of centuries into the future, and historians will look back on our current period as one characterized by authoritarian rule hidden under the guise of supposed corporate benevolence for humankind.  Though some corporations deserve credit for developing new technologies and solutions to social problems, Big Pharma is clearly nefarious.

The heads of the pharmaceutical powerhouses are working in tandem with the heads of federal and state governments who are best described as corrupt to the core.  The new age evil alliance has resulted in COVID shots that have been exposed as injectable weapons meant to sabotage the human body, mind, and spirit.  Though it is tough to admit, the truth is coronavirus shots are nothing more than bioterrorism targeting taxpayers right here in the homeland.

Is the FDA covering up the truth behind the COVID shots?

When all is said and done, and this chapter of American history has come to a close, those with an allegiance to the truth will consider the FDA to be treasonous.  The FDA has failed to fulfill its purpose of safeguarding the American public against the potential dangers presented by products under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA.)

If the FDA honored its mission statement, it would immediately halt all COVID shots across the board without exception.  This governmental agency has clearly been compromised by bioterrorists masquerading as benevolent government officials and Big Pharma executives.  The real puppeteers controlling the FDA are the likes of Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, Stephane Bancel, the CEO of Moderna, and many others with a globalist agenda to control the population (and reduce the number of people living).

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Is there a potential for legal action?

If justice prevailed, those harmed by coronavirus injections would group together to file and win a class-action lawsuit against the federal government of the United States of America.  However, the FDA and other bureaucrats have gone to great lengths to minimize legal liability.

For example, EUA products are exempt from laws that regulate doctors’ use of approved medical drugs, biologics, and medical devices considered to fall under the umbrella of the overarching term “medical treatments.”

In summary, no single party has the legal responsibility, or what attorneys commonly refer to as the “duty of care”, toward those who receive the coronavirus shot or other EUA products.  Add in the fact that those who provide such products are not legally obligated to provide informed consent about the risks or ingredients, and there is all the more reason for the federal government and Big Pharma to continue experimenting on the public as though they are guinea pigs.

The clear solution to this conundrum is to stand your ground as a civil libertarian.  Refuse additional COVID injections.  Petition both state and federal governments to implement safety standards for EUA protocols and encourage other like-minded patriots to do the same.

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