NIH-funded trial used GMO mosquitoes to vax humans

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gmo-mosquitoes(NaturalHealth365)  To vax or not to vax: that is the question still on many Americans’ minds.  Political philosophy majors are quick to highlight how government and employer-mandated vaccines overemphasize negative liberties, meaning the freedom of the collective to limit individual liberty based on what is deemed utilitarian.  There is a strong argument to be made that the most civilized and successful societies have a healthy balance of supposed utilitarian negative and positive liberties or those exerted on the individual level without societal sway.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is in the news for doing its part to advance the push for negative liberties.  NIH employed genetically modified mosquitoes in a recent study about vaxing humans against malaria.  Conspiracy theorists and critical thinkers alike are quick to justifiably point out the seemingly shady connection between the research and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), an organization that clearly favors negative authoritarian liberties over the positive ones Americans once cherished.

Study used GMO mosquitoes to vax participants against malaria

The NIH’s trial study set out to vax participants against malaria with genetically modified mosquitoes, making it crystal clear that we live in a high-tech dystopia that should not be allowed to continue devolving into a plutocratic hellscape.  University of Washington academicians conducted the study recently detailed in Science Translational Medicine.

The trial included 26 individuals who were provided with between three and five doses of the “jab.” However, these were not traditional vaxxes in the slightest.  So brace yourself, as you might be disturbed by the details of the NIH-funded trial.  The study used genetically modified mosquitoes that bit their hosts, thereby vaxing them over the course of an entire month.

The BMGF connection to mosquito vax trial is alarming

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, or BMGF for short, partially funds Sanaria, a business that is tied to the study detailed above.  Trial researchers implemented a technology to edit genes that none other than Gates endorsed in recent interviews.

If the image of genetically altered mosquitoes biting human hosts to test the efficacy of vaxxes concerns you, you are not alone.  Such airborne syringes infected human hosts with a weak form of malaria meant to spur antibodies yet not cause significant sickness.  The head author of the trial, Dr. Sean Murphy, recently admitted that 1,000 diminutive syringes in the form of mosquitoes were used to transmit the vaccine.

Study yields disappointing results, participants suffer adverse effects

Though some scientists and medical professionals have praised the malaria mosquito vax study for its novelty and ingenuity, the unfortunate truth is the results are not as impressive as anticipated.  Pro-vaxxers will find it disappointing that half of the 14 study participants subjected to mosquito bites that transmit malaria contracted the disease.  The other half of the study participants found that the vax protection did not extend beyond a couple of months and gradually declined.

Study results show that 50% of the vaccine recipients failed to develop P. falciparum infection.  Furthermore, a portion of those individuals received a subsequent infection half a year later and enjoyed partial protection.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is quick to highlight the fact that P. falciparum infections will worsen to significant and possibly deadly types of malaria.

We would be remiss not to mention the fact that some trial participants suffered adverse biological responses to the mosquito vaccinations, reinforcing the meritorious argument that vaxxes of any type, especially those administered by bugs, are somewhat unsafe.  For example, one study participant, Carolina Reid, reported to national news outlets that the mosquito bite vax caused her arm to become excessively swollen.

Will the mosquito vax trials continue?

Let’s shift our attention to what matters most: the future of the species and the authoritarian push for mandatory vaxxes.  Critical thinkers grounded by logic and reason insist that forced vaxing populations rolls out the red carpet for Big Brother and even corporate powerbrokers with nefarious intentions to compromise human health with toxic and harmful chemical concoctions.  However, despite the disappointing results detailed above, the study researchers insist the results will lead to the continued development of sporozoites created through genetic modification to vax the masses against malaria and possibly several other diseases and viruses.

The scientists who masterminded the morally questionable mosquito vax study insist the use of living mosquitoes to transmit the jab is logical as the parasite referred to above (P. falciparum) reaches potency faster when contained within a mosquito as opposed to a traditional syringe.  Only time will tell if we continue down the slippery slope of forced mass human vax campaigns using mosquitoes and other insects.

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