Pfizer does not mandate COVID jab for its employees, internal documents revealed

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no-covid-jab-mandate(NaturalHealth365) Mainstream media may be reluctant to show just how much opposition there is to the worldwide push for injection mandates, but massive protests are happening in places like France, Australia, and California.  Do not believe the propaganda: mandate-opposition is NOT coming from just one side of the political aisle.

But unlike millions of healthcare workers, students, and other hard-working Americans who risk being dismissed for not getting the jab, employees of Pfizer – one of two makers of the new mRNA COVID shot – remain free to choose whether to put this medical product in their bodies.

Is your local government or employer trying to mandate the COVID jab?  You won’t believe who isn’t – the makers of the jab themselves

Believe it or not, recently leaked documents from Pfizer reveal that at least 20 percent of its employees have chosen not to receive the jab.

Far from facing termination, these employees can choose to remain uninjected, decline to declare their injection status, OR seek a medical or religious accommodation.  Pfizer will require these individuals to participate in regular COVID-19 PCR testing, but the glaring hypocrisy remains:

People who work for the very company making and profiting off this novel drug are not required to take it under threat of termination, whereas millions of other Americans are.

And it’s not just Pfizer.  It’s also been alleged that Johnson and Johnson and Moderna either do not mandate these experimental drugs, or require routine PCR testing as an alternative.

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Be prepared:  FDA approval for the COVID jab is here

Up to this point, one of the biggest points championed by medical freedom advocates has been that the COVID shots are ‘experimental, unlicensed, and unapproved’ by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and therefore unable to be mandated.  However, this particular argument will likely become a moot point within a very short period of time from publishing this article.

The FDA is expected to give full approval to the Pfizer jab – despite the fact that the research trials for the Pfizer shot are not expected to end until May 2023, according to

In addition, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently announced that a third dose of the COVID shot is now recommended for all eligible individuals, beginning 8 months after a person’s second dose.

Ask yourself:  Will the third booster shot be required to function freely in society? Will “fully vaccinated” people with two doses no longer be allowed to get into restaurants and gyms in places like California and New York if they choose to decline the third jab?

In addition, when and if additional (or even annual) booster shots are “recommended” by Big Pharma, will governments and private institutions demand that people keep rolling up their sleeves?

Moderna recently announced they are developing new vaccines for the flu as well as the common cold.  Does this mean that someday we will not be allowed to go into public spaces if we don’t get our annual flu shot and rhinovirus shot, too?

Have we reached a point in history when adult vaccine schedules will be required in addition to childhood vaccine schedules?  Must we all become patrons of Big Pharma in order to remain free citizens?

Do people not see the dangerous precedent that has been set?

If the idea of having to take medical products in order to move freely within your community and provide for your family worries you, we encourage you to keep taking action.  Call your local representatives.  Check your state’s exemption laws and, if able to, prepare your exemption letters.

If you anticipate facing job loss, get your affairs in order and gather the necessary resources to support yourself and your family during these times.

Let us add that taking care of your own mental and physical health at this time is crucial.  Explore healthy living strategies at NaturalHealth365 and other resources you trust.  The rewards are worth the effort.

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