Pfizer rakes in massive profits thanks to its risky mRNA COVID shots

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pfizer-doubles-its-revenue(NaturalHealth365)  Want to make money during the pandemic?  Apparently, all you have to do is get on the good side of U.S. public health officials and churn out a brand new drug that will be heavily propagandized by the government and effectively coerced onto the American public.

In all seriousness, when looking at recent pharmaceutical company profit projections, there’s no question that making medication is good business … at least for Big Pharma stakeholders.

Pfizer DOUBLES its revenue thanks to mRNA COVID shot

At a time when thousands of small businesses in America are experiencing “significant” financial hardships due to the pandemic – over 40% of small businesses (out of 5,800 total surveyed) in one July 2020 study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences faced temporary closure because of COVID-19 – major pharmaceutical companies are enjoying record profits, and often at the expense of the thousands upon thousands of citizens harmed by their novel gene-based drugs.

According to Children’s Health Defense, COVID shot maker Pfizer enjoyed a cool $81.3 billion in revenue in 2021, about double what it earned in 2020.  Of those billions, nearly half (about 45 percent) came directly from its mRNA COVID jab).

This is not to suggest that there is anything unethical per se about a company turning a profit. But consider the situation that Pfizer finds itself in: positioned as the drug of choice for the pandemic, with contracts that guarantee the company gets paid while being absolved of any and all liability for injuries and deaths caused by its drug.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration ordered another 105 million doses of Pfizer’s COVID shots at the end of June 2022 – to the tune of $3.2 billion worth of taxpayers’ money – despite having thrown away more than 82 million expired doses of COVID jabs as of mid-May.

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According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “The contract announcement follows a June 28 meeting of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee meeting, which recommended the inclusion of an Omicron component for COVID-19 booster vaccines in the U.S.”

News flash: viruses evolve.  This is certainly the justification they use for issuing new flu shots every year.  Can we expect to see a future of updated mRNA COVID shots year after year, too?  Will healthcare workers and other citizens be forced to inject themselves again and again with these drugs simply to put food on their families’ tables?

In its June 29 press release announcing the ordering of 105 million extra COVID doses, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra is quoted as saying that “Vaccines have been a game-changer in our fight against COVID-19, allowing people to return to normal activities knowing that vaccines protect from severe illness.”  Notice the sneaky implication of that statement: that the majority of Americans would face serious illness from COVID-19 unless vaxxed.  But this is simply not true for virtually all age groups, and COVID-19 remains a highly survivable illness for the majority of people who contract it (about 98.2%, to be exact, according to a “fact-checking” article by AP News), and thank goodness for that.

Also note: despite using taxpayer dollars to order another 105 million doses (“with options for up to 300 million doses,” according to HHS), there is absolutely NO mention of the shots stopping SARS-CoV-2 transmission.  Remember when we were told that these jabs WOULD stop transmission?  Interesting how that’s no longer a talking point and that pro-vaxxers will claim that it was “never” about stopping transmission in the first place…

Cash cows: Here are other top-selling drugs making Big Pharma folks rich

The mRNA COVID shot from Pfizer is certainly set to be among the most profitable drugs of all time.  But, just so you know, here are ten of the bestselling drugs earning Pharma companies billions upon billions of dollars:

  1. Humira (Adalimumab) for rheumatic diseases and inflammatory bowel diseases
  2. Eliquis (Apixaban) for blood clots
  3. Revlimid (Lenalidomide) for multiple myeloma
  4. Keytruda (Pembrolizumab) for cancer chemotherapy
  5. Enbrel (Etanercept) for rheumatic diseases
  6. Herceptin (Trastuzumab) for breast cancer chemotherapy
  7. Eylea (Aflibercept) for wet macular degeneration
  8. Opdivo (Nivolumab) for cancer chemotherapy
  9. Avastin (Bevacizumab) for cancer chemotherapy
  10. Rituxin (Rituximab) for rheumatic diseases and cancer chemotherapy

Notice these drugs are largely used to treat diseases that are shown to have lifestyle-related risk factors.  Now just imagine if we took even a fraction of those Pharma profits and used them to incentivize people to exercise more, quit smoking, or make healthier food choices (think: free gym memberships, farmer’s market food vouchers, healthcare premium discounts, etc.)

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