SHOCKING discovery: Inhalable self-spreading vaxes spark public health alarm

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self-spreading-vaxes(NaturalHealth365)  Even if you haven’t opted for Big Pharma’s COVID jab, brace yourself: there’s a disturbing possibility of contracting the shot simply because others have received it.

Yes, you read that right.  Big Pharma’s shots are now capable of spreading through inhalation, a troubling advancement that demands our immediate attention and understanding.

Encrypted RNA jabs are an indirect threat to your health

The latest class of Big Pharma jabs is called “encrypted RNA.” The new vaxes create the potential for RNA to attach to an already-existing virus, then spread from one person to the next.

The most disturbing part is that there is no way for you to know whether virus contraction results from RNA piggybacking.  Simply put, refusing to consent to Big Pharma jabs does not preclude contraction.

It should come as no surprise that the Big Pharma companies responsible for the “breakthrough” research are working with the federal government.  Our tax dollars paid to the feds are being redirected to pharmaceutical businesses to fund the research of RNA piggybacking jabs.

Self-spreading jabs began with animals and will soon progress to you

The first study using the self-spreading invisible vaxes described above was conducted on hamsters.  The SARS-Cov-2 virus was the first virus used in the experiment, though Big Pharma has made it known that human trials are planned.  It appears that the evil trio of Big Pharma, the federal government, and the military are in cahoots to impose self-spreading jabs on an unsuspecting public.

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Members of Congress included the PREVENT Pandemics ACT in last year’s omnibus appropriations legislation, setting the stage for the unknowing transmission of an invisible vax.  Delve into the bill, and you’ll find it has a section highlighting Platform Technologies that provide ongoing support for developing and analyzing novel treatments with the latest tech that can be adaptable for use in many drugs and other Big Pharma creations.

The fear is that the legislation will fund a new program similar to the secretive Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) program used to conceal nefarious projects funded by you, the taxpayer.  If this dangerous agenda is executed, the legislation will fund a Health ARPA (ARPA-H), meaning Advanced Research Projects Agency.  The program currently exists in metaphorical skeleton form, yet there is the potential for the “meat,” meaning its substantive components, to be added across posterity.

ARPA-H will embrace technical risks that have the potential to pave a path toward biomedical progress, ultimately changing how diseases are diagnosed and treated.  Unfortunately, the treatment for such diseases and so-called viruses includes insidious self-spreading vaxes.

What you need to know about Therapeutic Interfering Particles (TIPs)

The self-spreading inhalable vaxes described above function with TIPS technology.  TIPs are fully engineered molecular parasites that adjoin to viruses, transmitting parasites from one person to the next.

TIPS quickly multiplies after moving inside an infected individual, stealing the virus’s resources necessary for additional multiplication.  Though fans of the tech insist it will halt the spread of the virus while simultaneously surmounting hurdles presented by traditional jabs, the result will be the involuntary “immunization” of everyone but those living in remote tribes far away from civilized societies.

Actions you can take to prevent vax contraction without consent

As of this publication, free speech is still protected in the United States.  Use your voice to air your concerns about the new jab technology to your Congressional representatives.  When contacting lawmakers, remind them that the inhalable vax tech developer, Autonomous Therapeutics, received more than $15 million of taxpayer dollars, including millions from DARPA.

You can also highlight the connection between VxBiosciences and the Department of Health and Human Services.  $4.8 million of our taxpayer dollars were used to fund VxBiosciences’ development of an autonomously deploying antiviral, meaning a vax that spreads through inhalation.

When communicating with lawmakers, express your concern for the safety of “inhalable therapies,” as they are euphemistically dubbed.  Ask your state’s representatives if they are willing to subject their bodies and loved ones to self-replicating man-made parasites.

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