SHOCKING: Medical profession rolls out diagnosis code for the unjabbed

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diagnosis-code-for-the-unjabbed(NaturalHealth365)  As Big Pharma rolls out new booster after booster, Medicare and Medicaid have quietly announced a new diagnosis code for those who refuse the COVID  injections.  Physicians will soon have financial incentives from the federal government to inquire about jab status.

As detailed below, the pandemic is dividing the nation between the so-called “empowered” (who are jabbed) and the disempowered unjabbed.  Yet, we at NaturalHealth365, have written extensively about the evidence showing that the opposite is true.  People saying “no” to the Covid injections and relying on natural immune boosting strategies have much better outcomes.

WARNING: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid announces digital diagnosis code for the unjabbed

The code for the unjabbed was officially announced in April of 2022.  At this time, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) debuted the code to the public, only to later delay its implementation.  Fast forward to October last year, and the code was officially implemented.  As of the start of the new year, the code has been available for use in healthcare databases across the land.

Officially referred to as Code Number Z28.310, the code is for a diagnosis, yet it is not an actual diagnosis.  Instead, this code is an evident invasion of privacy that will be used to target those who refuse gene-altering injections unfairly.  We would be remiss not to mention that the code in question is recognized worldwide, meaning there is the potential for globetrotters to be denied treatment when vacationing abroad.

New code paves the way to growing medical tyranny

The medical industry and federal government insist the new code for the unjabbed is the latest addition to the set of international codes used for medical billing purposes.  However, there is much more to the code than mere billing.  The code for the unjabbed is a covert invasion of privacy.

The code will be used to intrusively identify individuals who refuse to conform to social norms.  It is quite clear that receiving an annual injection is quickly becoming socially normative and required to live a “normal” life or at least function in our dystopian society.

Will doctors fall in line with the code requirement?

Physicians are the first line of defense in the ongoing battle against the Goliath of Big Pharma and Big Government.  Of course, they could push back; however, the likelihood of that happening is slim.

Physicians who refuse to use the code for the unjabbed will likely not receive financial reimbursement from insurance providers.  The bottom line is the medical coding system used to categorize medical procedures, and patient status is a fundamental component of the country’s healthcare system that cannot be bypassed without penalty.

The clock is ticking

Code Number Z28.310 is now officially required by private health insurance providers and the federal government.  In translation, this requirement indicates physicians and insurers are financially incentivized to inquire about jab status.  As long as the federal government determines there is what it refers to as a “meaningful use” for the data about the new code, the monetary payout will be provided to healthcare providers and insurers who provide it.

It might not be long until we live in a dystopia in which healthcare services and durable medical equipment are restricted to those who comply with shot requirements.  The only solution we see – at this moment in time – is to secure a good working relationship with an integrative healthcare provider (disassociated from the conventional insurance-based system), have a good health coach in your corner, and stay focused on making healthy lifestyle decisions – including the avoidance of as many toxins as possible.

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