Switzerland says NO more COVID shots, withdraws all previous recommendations

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switzerland-says-no-more-covid-shots(NaturalHealth365)  On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the SARS-CoV-2 virus, believed to be responsible for COVID-19, as a pandemic.  Fast forward one year later, and nearly 1,240,000 Big Pharma jabs had been injected into the arms of the Swiss people.

Another two years later, the famously war-neutral, insulated nation has done a complete 180 on the jab program.  The Swiss government now says “No!” to the jab, withdrawing all recommendations for Big Pharma’s injections.

Switzerland’s leaders have shifted legal liability to physicians

In what will likely turn out to be quite a wise decision, the heads of the Swiss government have decided that legal liability will be pinned on physicians who recommend the jab to patients.  The entirety of legal liability now rests with the small nation’s medical professionals, meaning few physicians will advise patients to roll up their sleeves for additional injections.

The decision to withdraw COVID shot recommendations is quite surprising, considering no other nation has gone to such an extent.  Though there is always the potential for the government to backtrack, it appears as though the refusal to recommend the jab for the spring and summer ahead will hold true across posterity.  The government advised that those at risk for death after contracting COVID are only to receive an injection for possible protection after consulting with their general practitioner.

What is the Swiss government’s logic in withdrawing the COVID shot?

According to the official reason for the withdrawal, most Swiss people have received at least one jab or contracted the virus.  Therefore, there is little-to-no reason for additional Big Pharma injections.  Those who proceed with additional boosters are playing with fire, rolling the dice on a litany of potential health complications.  Add in the fact that the current virus variants also cause a comparatively mild sickness, and there is all the more reason to bring the jab program to a halt.

Moving forward, the federal government will review the jab withdrawal recommendation and readvise the public in the fall of 2023.

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Dissecting the legal ramifications of the COVID shot withdrawal

The withdrawal of the COVID shot recommendation essentially absolves the Swiss government from legal liability if it is proven that the Big Pharma jabs compromise human health.  However, it is important to note that Big Pharma cannot be sued for administering the jab.  Therefore, the physicians of Switzerland will face the legal ramifications of recommending the shot.

Moreover, the financial burden of the jab is no longer on the Swiss government or employers.  Instead, those who desire to receive the jab will be required to pay for it out of pocket.  The result of the Swiss government’s pivot will be a significant reduction in the number of jabs, a growing hesitance to recommend the jab, and a flood of medical malpractice, personal injury, and wrongful death claims.

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