COVID shots may have caused heart damage in 100 million Americans, cardiologist warns

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covid-shots-caused-heart-damage(NaturalHealth365)  Have you noticed how the mainstream media has lost any interest in the COVID shots?  This is probably because so many people have lost interest (and trust) in the value of these shots, first.

Consider the statistics: An estimated 230,418,632 Americans are considered “fully jabbed” (meaning they have received two doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna COVID shot), but only 132.78 million “booster” doses had been administered as of Fall 2022 – that’s far fewer people rolling up their sleeves for a third or fourth time.  Although, some people would suggest that the actually number of “fully jabbed” people is much lower than what “experts” are telling us.

In addition, with the persistent celebrity-filled propaganda, unpleasant side effects, and inconvenient reality that the shots don’t even prevent SARS-CoV-2 transmission and infection, is it any wonder that these COVID-19 booster shots have totally lost their appeal to general public?

Sadly, this doesn’t mean the shots haven’t been causing harm.  And according to one experienced cardiologist, millions of Americans could be suffering lasting heart damage because of their choice (coerced or not) to partake in this massive global mRNA experiment.

Alarming number of COVID shot recipients could be facing dangerous heart problems, claims American cardiologist

Dr. Thomas Levy is a cardiologist and attorney who has voiced his concerns about COVID shots ever since they became mass-marketed to the global population.  In an April 3, 2023 article by The Exposé highlighting a January interview with Steven Kirsch, Dr. Levy points out several health issues linked to the spike proteins from both the novel coronavirus and the COVID shots.  These health concerns include myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle), arrhythmias (abnormal heartbeats), heart block (blockage of electrical signals controlling the heart), and elevated D-dimer levels.

Regarding D-dimer specifically, this is a protein that can be detected in blood after blood clots dissolve – and is, according to Dr. Levy, “clear-cut evidence that there is an ongoing spike protein presence binding ACE2 receptors in the inner lining … of blood vessels in the body, resulting in platelet activation and subsequent blood clotting.”  Abnormal blood clot formation can lead to life-threatening conditions, including stroke, heart attack, and pulmonary embolus.

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He adds that “anyone today who is not acutely ill but found to have an elevation of their D-dimer levels is likely suffering from the consequences of persistent spike protein presence in their vasculature, whether due to lingering COVID infection and/or due to having received one or more COVID vaccinations.”

Overall, Dr. Levy hypothesizes that at least 7 million Americans and perhaps as many as 100 million have suffered some degree of heart damage because of these shots.

Is the FAA trying to hide the amount of heart damage experienced by jabbed pilots?

In his interview with Kirsch, Dr. Levy also points out a concerning change quietly made by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regarding its official guidance for aviation medical examiners.

The FAA reportedly widened the acceptable parameters of electrocardiogram tests for pilots beyond what is historically considered a normal range.  Electrocardiogram tests measure the electrical activity of the heart and can be used to detect heart conditions – something we don’t want our pilots to have, lest they suffer serious and potentially lethal heart problems while actively flying!

Why would the FAA do this?  Because, Dr. Levy argues, a massive number of pilots were failing their electrocardiogram screening tests on account of the damage their hearts suffered from the COVID shots they had to take.  But instead of questioning their decision to force pilots to get jabbed, the FAA decided to move the goalposts so that pilots would “pass” their medical screens.

As disheartening as all this news might be (no pun intended), we believe there are things people can do to protect their health.  Check out Jonathan Landsman’s Cardiovascular Docu-Class for practical, up-to-date information you can use to improve your heart health.

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