Wall Street Journal slams federal agencies, vax makers over “deceptive” campaign for bivalent COVID boosters

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bivalent-booster-campaign-labeled-deceptive(NaturalHealth365)  The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), an organization that reports the news, is now making news.  Believe it or not, Allysia Finley – member of the Journal’s Editorial Board – is targeting Big Pharma for an allegedly deceptive marketing effort to push bivalent booster shots.

Finley is also shining the spotlight on federal agencies for directing Big Pharma to create booster shots and recommending them without sufficient data proving they are effective and safe.

Big Pharma continues to push false narrative, runs “deceptive” marketing campaign to push bivalent boosters

Turn on the TV or radio, surf your way over to the websites of the mainstream news outlets or even pick up a traditional print newspaper, and you’ll be inundated with groupthink messaging about the dangers of remaining unvaxxed against COVID.  If you believed everything you read, you would live in fear of contracting the virus.

The pushers of groupthink also insist contracting COVID several times over will exaggerate symptoms, potentially culminating in early death.  The overarching aim of Big Pharma’s narrative and that of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is to steer the masses toward bivalent shots that culminate in an annual injection.  The message pushed by Big Pharma and Big Government is nothing but deception and manipulation masked in the form of a supposedly altruistic public service announcement.

Bivalent COVID shots allegedly provide protection against BA.5 and BA.4 COVID variants.  However, the virus quickly mutates at a pace that booster shots cannot match.  As a result, booster shot antibody protection dissipates in a couple of months’ time.  Add in the fact that COVID shots altered the human immune system’s response to the initial strain of the virus, spurring the generation of insufficient antibodies for variant neutralization, and there is even more reason to skip the clot shot.

Studies suggest Moderna, Pfizer lied about COVID shot effectiveness

Let’s focus on the outraged editorial board member with the Wall Street Journal.  The paper’s brass has highlighted two studies detailed in the New England Journal of Medicine earlier this month.  The studies reveal bivalent booster shots only slightly increase antibodies for neutralizing the two new variants.

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The problem lies in the fact that the booster shots do not significantly increase antibody generation more than that which occurred with the initial booster program.  If the WSJ is correct, the imprinting of the immune system does not help in providing protection against existing virus variants or those that will inevitably emerge in the months and years ahead.

In plain terms, the human body’s B-cells were likely trained to generate antibodies against the initial strain of the virus.  The original vax provided a line of defense that failed to create the antibody response necessary to effectively combat ensuing variants.  This claim directly conflicts with those of Moderna and Pfizer.

Big Pharma wants us to believe bivalent boosters create responses to both the BA.5 and BA.4 strains that are upwards of 600% more effective than the first boosters.  But, as noted by Finley and others, Big Pharma is intentionally misleading the public to push its stock price higher and gain that much more power over an increasingly docile populace.

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