New Documentary: The Human Experiment exposes a toxic reality

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baby with bottle(NaturalHealth365) There are literally thousands of unregulated, untested chemicals in the products we use every day, in the materials that make up our homes, and in the foods we eat. Many of them are toxic, and these toxic chemicals in food as well as in materials and products make their way inside of our bodies.

Why do we see a drastic jump in cancer rates, infertility and autism? It’s clear that our health problems  directly correspond with the proliferation of chemical use throughout the world.

Did you know you are considered a ‘test subject’?

A new documentary film called “The Human Experiment” is making an effort to shed light on this issue. The film’s trailer brings out some staggering statistics: there are currently over 80,000 chemicals in use in the United States today, and only 200 of them have been tested. Of these, just five are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. This film is a ‘must watch’ – check out the movie trailer here:


How is this possible? The Chinese have better protections when it comes to the toxic chemicals in food and in our surroundings.

The movie is produced and narrated by Hollywood actor and activist Sean Penn. It seeks not only to shed light on this staggering problem, but also to encourage you and I to stand up, speak up, and take action for change. We are being used as test subjects in a human experiment, and it has to stop.

What is the cost of unregulated chemical use?

With the rise of chemical use in our country, disease and illness rates have risen sharply. Cancer, infertility and birth defects are appearing in unprecedented numbers of people. Doctors and researchers were hesitant to name the causes at first, but many of them are now attributing these changes to the alarming number of untested, unregulated chemicals we are all exposed to every day.

For example, autism rates were one in 500 in 1999; today, that number is one in 88 kids. A California-based UC Davis MIND Institute study found that women who resided near areas where chemical pesticides were sprayed had a much higher risk of having children with autism.

It’s time to take a stand and change our direction

The film follows journalists Don Hardy and Dana Nachman as they hear the personal stories of those whose lives have been profoundly affected by the chemicals that surround us. The film also takes viewers to the front lines of activism on this issue as protesters confront the chemical companies directly.

The chemical industry is a powerful, profitable, corrupt and greedy system with no accountability, and it has to change. Up until now, the facts about unregulated toxic chemicals in food and household items have been hidden from consumers, but this movie is set to change all that.

“The Human Experiment” should be required viewing for all Americans. It’s time to wake up to the truth that the biggest safety threats from chemicals aren’t from nuclear reactors or oil spills (although quite toxic) – they’re very likely in our own homes.


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  • Imogen Matthew

    It is what goes into a product that is really important. Just because it says suntan lotion or detergent doesn’t mean that should be the only focus. Lots of products do the same thing and there are natural agents that can do the task just as well.

    This is where buyer beware takes on meaning.

  • reggie

    It’s against the law, we have not given our ‘Informed Consent’, at least I haven’t.

    • Lucy

      The “law” has been bought and paid for by the industries doing the poisoning.

  • pam r

    Really upsetting that companies do this everyday to people and govt allows it -but they do not allow saying that something natural can cure cancer. We need to stop buying any of their products.

  • G Clay

    I just figured out 2 years ago the reason my lower legs would break out in an itchy rash that would bleed because I couldn’t not scratch was because of the pesticides used on citrus fruit. It would always takes months for the sores to heal and would leave their visible mark for over a year after healing. I had this problem for many many years but since I now buy only organic citrus I no longer have the problem. I think we need to do to the excutives of these companies (and their families) what they do to us and our families.

    • Joan Camara

      Congrats G Clay on learning (sorry to hear that it was the hard way) to eat only organic. I suppose that’s what it takes for some people to finally wake up to what’s going on with their food. One of the main things I learned was all farm animals for many years now are given hormone and antibiotic shots, and are given GMO feed. Would you want any of that in your body? I decided to stop eating meat, and no dairy (all milk products), unless it was organic, and from a reputable organic company (as some organic companies are selling out to Monsanto, such as Annie’s Organics). I am a 5’4 lady who went from 175pds and rising, to 125lbs in quite a short time, and with minimal exercise, by just leaving regular dairy and meat alone. It was quite an awesome and happy experience for me, as I recieved many compliments, enjoyed lots more energy, but had to buy a whole other wardrobe, lol. I learned where to get my protein and other vitamins from, in other organic foods sources. So I hope you spread the word, and keep learning!

      • G Clay

        Not all farm animals are raised on hormones and anti-biotics but almost all especially that crap sold in stores.

  • Lucy

    Remember, the Illuminati intend to reduce the population by 90%. This is one of the ways they are doing it. There are also vaccines and big pharma. Then add on the chemtrails. And poisonous GMO food. They are killing us from all directions.

    • Joan Camara

      I’m so happy to hear my thoughts exactly, said by someone who knows exactly what’s going on, in our air, our food, our water, and even in a lot of the vitamin and mineral supplements that are sold in health stores. I started eating and drinking only organic, and with just minimum exercise, it helped me as a 5’4 female, to go from 175lbs, to 125lbs. I started looking better, enjoyed lots more energy, even had to buy a whole new wardrobe! All it takes is to read, and get educated. Your definitely right on the depopulation too. Great to read your comment Lucy, everyone should as educated as well as we are!

  • Sandy

    I’m for full disclosure as to the ingredients of a product, but oppose additional power for the hopelessly corrupt agencies such as the CDC, FDA and USDA. Such agencies spend all their time and focus all their power in support of the corporations which they exist to regulate. Corporations and politicians lose no time in setting up a revolving door between corporate boardrooms and the top jobs in the regulatory agencies.

    Beware of people who urge even more power be given up to our regulator overlords. The only people who bear the brunt of regulatory restrictions are backyard gardeners, small family farms and entrepreneurial children’s lemonade stands.

    Giving up more power to regulators is the same as giving up said power to the corporations who are making us sick and despoiling the earth with their toxins.

    Instead, I urge you to push for repeal of any law, statute, rule or other governmental fiat which protects corporations from liability for their actions. THAT is how we will be able to bring them to justice for the harm they’ve done. Start by repealing the law which made harmaceutical companies immune from lawsuits and created the vaccine injury court (and subsequently made it very difficult for anyone to qualify to have their day in said court).

    There a literally thousands of such laws, statutes and codes which have been written by corrupt politicians and which have the effect of shielding wrongdoers from the natural consequences of their crimes against humanity and the earth. Repeal them all, I say, and then we will have a truly free market in which consumers may put a company out of business by a combination of boycotting and lawsuits when merited.

  • Faith Logan

    Surviving environmental toxins should be of immediate concern. One of the fastest-growing areas is in the use of synthetic and dangerous chemicals. More Americans are becoming aware to the danger. Stopping the cycle will depend on our behavior as consumers.

  • Ryan Frankel

    It never ceases to surprise me when it comes to looking at the relationship of environmental toxins to health. The fact that there are no real studies examining the relationship between man made chemicals and disease shows the lack of concern for human health in this country.

  • Rich Kope

    The cost of unregulated chemical use is going to be distressing to our national health care budget. The health complaints from being exposed to these toxins will mean an increase in testing individuals with repeated exposure to radiation emitting Ct and other scans.

    A better life through chemistry has not come about. A while ago medicinal chemists have made a transition to seeing chemistry as something other than a commitment to the patient.

  • Lisa Barnes

    Healing our planet will now become a first priority. It is well documented that the hits keep coming as these corporations leave their mark on our produce, farming, and consumer products. The choice is clear we have to stop this.

  • Tory Webber

    The dose makes the poison. We are clearly inhaling and swallowing innumerable toxins with every bit of processed foods and commercially farmed animal products.
    Industry is missing the point there is no irrelevant limit.

    There is no way to measure the combination of synthetic materials found in personal care products used day in and day out. Those are combined with household cleaners leaving us to actually have no way to know what we will experience.

    How tolerable are the risks relative to the convenience of buying packaged food, and using plants sprayed with pesticide. The risk is not acceptable and we are heading in the wrong direction by thinking the benefits out weigh the risk.

  • Taylor Evison

    Did anyone know that the strategies for an effective sales pitch to the public is to draw in your target customer by the packaging? This is called effective by the design. The packaging is where the customer learns about the features of the product and not the ingredients.

  • Trent P

    If we are a research study it is because there is no way to test all these chemicals. Long term effects may take years or generations to really show the magnitude of the dangers. This would mean delaying profits and we know that will never happen.

  • Mary Rudolph

    The serious risk to society by the use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides means the medical and pharmaceutical industry are not only turning a blind eye to this but counting on it. These companies are intent on making long term profits.

  • Fay N

    The practical steps you can take to avoid a toxic environment are probably not enough in this day and age. However, not to try is dangerous.

    So, all the measures you take to protect yourself pay even if you can’t get rid of all the things that exposure you to this toxic stew.