New Documentary: The Human Experiment exposes a toxic reality

New Documentary: The Human Experiment exposes a toxic reality
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(NaturalHealth365) There are literally thousands of unregulated, untested chemicals in the products we use every day, in the materials that make up our homes, and in the foods we eat. Many of them are toxic, and these toxic chemicals in food as well as in materials and products make their way inside of our bodies.

Why do we see a drastic jump in cancer rates, infertility and autism? It’s clear that our health problems  directly correspond with the proliferation of chemical use throughout the world.

Did you know you are considered a ‘test subject’?

A new documentary film called “The Human Experiment” is making an effort to shed light on this issue. The film’s trailer brings out some staggering statistics: there are currently over 80,000 chemicals in use in the United States today, and only 200 of them have been tested. Of these, just five are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. This film is a ‘must watch’ – check out the movie trailer here:


How is this possible? The Chinese have better protections when it comes to the toxic chemicals in food and in our surroundings.

The movie is produced and narrated by Hollywood actor and activist Sean Penn. It seeks not only to shed light on this staggering problem, but also to encourage you and I to stand up, speak up, and take action for change. We are being used as test subjects in a human experiment, and it has to stop.

What is the cost of unregulated chemical use?

With the rise of chemical use in our country, disease and illness rates have risen sharply. Cancer, infertility and birth defects are appearing in unprecedented numbers of people. Doctors and researchers were hesitant to name the causes at first, but many of them are now attributing these changes to the alarming number of untested, unregulated chemicals we are all exposed to every day.

For example, autism rates were one in 500 in 1999; today, that number is one in 88 kids. A California-based UC Davis MIND Institute study found that women who resided near areas where chemical pesticides were sprayed had a much higher risk of having children with autism.

It’s time to take a stand and change our direction

The film follows journalists Don Hardy and Dana Nachman as they hear the personal stories of those whose lives have been profoundly affected by the chemicals that surround us. The film also takes viewers to the front lines of activism on this issue as protesters confront the chemical companies directly.

The chemical industry is a powerful, profitable, corrupt and greedy system with no accountability, and it has to change. Up until now, the facts about unregulated toxic chemicals in food and household items have been hidden from consumers, but this movie is set to change all that.

“The Human Experiment” should be required viewing for all Americans. It’s time to wake up to the truth that the biggest safety threats from chemicals aren’t from nuclear reactors or oil spills (although quite toxic) – they’re very likely in our own homes.


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