TOXIC COWS: Big Meat jabs livestock, paving way to huge Big Pharma profits

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big-meat-jabs-livestock(NaturalHealth365)  If forcing millions of hardworking Americans to get the COVID-19 jab to remain employed isn’t a sign of the impending apocalypse, perhaps this is: cows are now receiving vaxxes.  The same cows, chickens, and other animals we consume for sustenance and nourishment are getting jabbed.

The supposed logic in jabbing livestock with vaxxes is that it allegedly makes them healthier.  The truth is that using vaxxes in livestock is nothing more than a money grab by greedy Big Meat and pharmaceutical companies.  Fast forward a couple of years or decades into the future, and you’ll likely find the meat and pharma industries reversing course on livestock jabs for the reasons detailed below.

Milking the cash cow for every penny

Crunch the numbers of the meat and vax industries, and you’ll find the vaxxes used for the industrial production of meat amount to more than $7 billion.  Though few people know it, over-regulation of the United States market has spurred industrial meat suppliers to use hormones, potentially harmful vaxxes, and additional drugs to stimulate animal growth.  Such additives are also meant to reduce the chances of disease spreading on factory farms.

There is no need to summon the nastiest YouTube video highlighting the disgusting conditions of factory farms to understand such places are focused on the bottom line instead of producing high-quality meat.  However, times are changing.  The internet is informing consumers about the actual contents of their food, creating opportunities to connect with food providers to improve the quality of meat and other products.

Why livestock vaxxes are an issue

Pull back the curtain that conceals the true activities of livestock farmers, hatchery owners, and others who produce the meat we consume, and you won’t like everything you find.  In particular, the use of vaxxes is especially concerning to logical and rational individuals.

Vaxxes are sometimes injected directly into an egg’s amniotic cavity or an embryo.  This high-tech approach is laden with unnecessary risk.  Though few are aware, hatcheries engage in mass vax routines that stress the animals and possibly compromise their biological systems, ultimately making their meat somewhat risky to consume.

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The pushback against Big Meat and Big Pharma is growing

As time progresses, more people are learning about the extensive use of antibiotics in cows and other livestock.  The question is how long it will take for the word to spread to the masses, inspiring a boycott of big meat and big pharma until meaningful changes are made.

Consumers should no longer tolerate the use of vaxxes and other drugs in the context of industrial meat production.  The big meat power players could easily reduce their profit margins by scrapping the vaxxes and ramping up the quantity and quality of feed.  The little-known truth about the industrial meat industry is the avaricious corporate heads are quick to overload animals with drugs to enhance their weight without spending on what they argue is egregiously costly animal feed.

It is time to acknowledge that the meat we consume for energy, sustenance, and health is now laden with antibiotics, vaxxes, hormones, and other unnatural substances that create harmful residues and bacteria.  Though some meat producers have admirably taken the route less traveled and eliminated antibiotics altogether, consumers are generally unaware that their tasty delights are laden with vaxxes, synthetic hormones, and other potentially harmful drugs.

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