Telecom industry receives BILLIONS of dollars to create 5G wireless farming, Americans question the safety

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5g-farming(NaturalHealth365) It’s truly worrisome how quickly telecom providers have forced 5G onto residents of urban areas without properly assessing and acknowledging the powerful radiation’s health effects on these communities. But recently, the U.S. government cleared a path for major companies to establish their fifth-generation wireless technology in rural areas, too.

In early November, the Federal Communications Commission established the 5G Fund for Rural America.  Supporters say this will “revolutionize” farming and agriculture.  Critics say it’s a thinly veiled attempt at data collecting.

Green light to MASSIVE 5G infrastructure: What is the FCC doing to America?

According to the FCC, the 5G Fund for Rural America will designate billions of dollars of taxpayer money to major telecom providers so that they can build 5G infrastructure in the country’s most rural areas.  A key feature of this new infrastructure will reportedly be wireless farming, or “precision agriculture.”

Precision agriculture is proposed to provide a modern edge to farmers by creating the availability of technology such as:

  • Sensors to measure temperature and moisture levels in fields
  • Sensors attached to livestock, including cattle, in order to monitor health and location
  • Drones and satellites to provide pictures and videos of crops in real-time

Proponents claim this will boost sustainability and profits.  But the move has been heavily criticized by the Children’s Health Defense and others as a way for telecom companies to collect and sell data.

And data monitoring notwithstanding, this widespread greenlighting of 5G infrastructure also brings up serious questions about the health impacts on the people and even animals living in these rural communities.

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Be WARNED: 5 negative health effects of “advanced” wireless radiation

The fact that 5G wireless technology is being foisted onto the public without proper safety assessment rubs hundreds of scientists, doctors, and organizations the wrong way.  5G, after all, is a powerful type of radiofrequency radiation that has been outed in peer-reviewed journals – as well as publications such as Scientific American – for its damaging impacts on human and animal health.

More research is on its way, but there’s already a pile of worrisome data describing how harmful radiofrequency radiation can be on human and animal health. As summarized by a recent October 2020 paper published in Oncology Letters, here just five health effects associated with exposure to radiofrequency radiation, including 5G:

  1. Elevated levels of free radicals (reactive metabolic by-products in the body associated with oxidative stress, DNA damage and accelerated aging)
  2. Increased cancer risk (indeed, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified radiofrequency radiation ranging in frequency from 30 kHz to 300 GHz to be a Group 2B ‘possible’ human carcinogen; 5G has a frequency of about 28 GHz, according to Verizon)
  3. Structural and functional changes within the reproductive system
  4. Learning and memory deficits
  5. Increased risk of neurological deficits

We know that most of the research on radiofrequency health effects have been done on earlier iterations of the wireless technology, including 2G and 3G.  But given that 5G is exponentially more powerful than these older frequencies, it stands to reason that the negative impact of this latest technology could be widespread.

In fact, and as the 2020 Oncology Letters article notes, an appeal was presented to the European Union back in 2017 to employ “a moratorium on 5G deployment … until proper scientific evaluation of potential negative consequences has been conducted.”  This appeal is currently endorsed by nearly 400 scientists and doctors.

Evidently, no such appeal is being honored here in the United States.

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le berger des photons
le berger des photons
9 days ago

why use taxpayer money to feed the business of these giant telecoms? I’ve been a small independent telecom operator for many years. This money could stay in the community and create local jobs. This would provide for better service too. Inter-linked networks which could be automatically connected to working networks when one of these big spoiled operators has a problem they don’t feel like fixing quickly.

It’s simple. What is being done is called fascism. I do a far better job than the big telecoms do for far less money. What they’re doing is organizing waste and billing taxpayers who have zero choice.

Maybe they have one choice. Pay for it for the big telecoms and don’t use it themselves, or pay a little more and also use it themselves. But they won’t get much for the extra money.

8 days ago

How were they able to approve all of that tax-payer money to fund rural 5G without us knowing about or having a say in it? That’s a big red flag for me!

8 days ago

You would sound a bit more professional if you would not use ‘radio frequency’ radiation. It is not the frequency that is radiated, rather energy in the form of electromagnetic waves or radio waves. So saying electromagnetic radiation or EMR would be correct. Also radiating electromagnetic energy would be correct. The higher the frequency the shorter wavelenghts and a more energetic radiation The effects on human tissue is not linear, however. Molecules have specific absorption lines in the energy-frequency spectrum and if those lines coincide with the radiated frequencies then there is reason to be worried. Attenuation of the energies in tissues, walls and clothes vary as well. I can imagine it easily becomes a huge project to work out all the details of impacts for any frequency band being used. Big money being at stake, I imagine, the temptation to cut corners in this research challenge can be very real

7 days ago

Wake up folks. Health is not the issue. Control and enumeration is what it is all about. The end game is to ultimately rid the earth of useless bodies and pare it down to 500m or so busybees – Gates vision.. the vax will be bad enough but the nano-tattoo – that is the real reason! don’t get that shot!!! Mark of the beast!

William Gene Schneider
William Gene Schneider
5 days ago

As we come to grips with all this ” reset crap” that is being spewed by the power freaks in this world, its easy to see why they want to control food production with massive amounts of RF. Time to start growing and shielding your own food. Be Strong