Real “danger” EXPOSED: COVID mortality rate ZERO among healthy children, according to new Johns Hopkins study

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zero-covid-deaths-among-healthy-children(NaturalHealth365) As Dr. Fauci and other officials try to normalize the idea that kids of all ages will be able to (and should) get the experimental COVID jab by early 2022, a growing number of medical experts continue to risk their professional reputations and careers in order to voice their dissent.

One example comes from a Johns Hopkins professor, who recently publicized the findings of his study on the COVID death rate among kids.  The results, he and his colleagues say, only add to the growing doubts about the need to push an unapproved injection onto young children.

Zero COVID deaths among healthy kids, “flimsy” evidence behind the push to give experimental COVID injection to kids, Johns Hopkins researcher says

Dr. Marty Makary is a professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  A surgeon by training, Dr. Makary has also been elected to the National Academy of Medicine and is the author or co-author of over 250 scientific articles.

Dr. Makary and colleagues recently collaborated with the nonprofit organization FAIR Health to analyze health insurance data from approximately 48,000 children under 18 and diagnosed with COVID-19 between April to August 2020.

What they found was significant: the death rate from COVID among healthy kids – children without any pre-existing medical condition – was zero.

“[If our research] holds,” Dr. Makary states in a July 19 op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal, “it has significant implications for healthy kids.”

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Dr. Makary adds that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is relying on “flimsy” evidence to promote the need for two jab doses in kids, particularly if they are healthy.  He uses the following example:

CDC claims that 335 American children under 18 have died with a diagnosis of COVID-19.  But the agency, Dr. Makary states in his op-ed, “hasn’t researched each death to find out whether COVID caused it or if it involved a pre-existing medical condition.”

He continues: “I’ve written hundreds of peer-reviewed medical studies, and I can think of no journal editor who would accept the claim that 335 deaths resulted from a virus without data to indicate if the virus was incidental or causal, and without an analysis of relevant risk factors such as obesity.”

Despite this logical critique of the experimental jab data (or lack thereof), the CDC recently decided that two doses – never mind just one – is worth the risk for kids aged 12 to 15.

Is CDC ignoring natural immunity and injection complications?  Can we truly make medical mandates based on such incomplete data?  Johns Hopkins doctor raises important questions

Here’s the reality:

Hospitals have routinely tested patients for COVID-19 throughout the pandemic, even if they are asymptomatic and not at the hospital for a COVID-related reason.

This explains why someone in the hospital with a gunshot wound or other unrelated issue could technically be counted as a “COVID hospitalization.”

As far as kids go, this questionable categorization points to a question that the CDC and public health officials are all too happy to sweep under the rug: among kids who had a COVID diagnosis at the time of their death, did they die OF COVID or did they die WITH COVID?

Dr. Makary’s critique of the CDC doesn’t end here.  He notes that the agency is likely “under[-]capturing data” regarding COVID injection complications and that they are ignoring the rates of natural immunity from prior infections.

What do you think:

Does the current data (and its interpretation) raise more questions about the safety of COVID jabs for kids?  Should schools be preparing to mandate the jab for incoming students as soon as the government gives them the green light?

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