Pandemic of the jabbed: Fifty percent of new COVID cases are injection failures

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injection-failures(NaturalHealth365) Predictably, one of the loudest messages coming from mainstream media today is that people who have declined the COVID jab are “to blame” for the spread of the so-called Delta variant of the virus that causes COVID-19.  Concurrently, government officials claim the majority of COVID hospitalization and death cases are among people who have not received the experimental COVID injection.

But some medical experts are calling this claim into question, insisting instead that there are far more breakthrough cases of COVID-19 than officials are willing to admit and that a large portion of new cases are injection failures.

“Breakthrough” or “breakdown?”  Cardiologist claims over half of the current COVID cases are in people who have gotten a COVID injection that failed to work

Dr. Peter A. McCullough is a cardiologist, principal faculty member in Internal Medicine for the Texas A & M University Health Sciences Center, and Vice Chief of Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center.  With over three dozen peer-reviewed articles related to COVID-19 treatment protocols, Dr. McCullough has become a well-known and controversial name during the pandemic.

Most recently, Dr. McCullough has come out with a bold claim: that at least half of new COVID infections result from injection failures.  You can consider Dr. McCullough’s claims for yourself by listening to his interview below:

Dr. McCullough isn’t the only doctor speaking out.  In April, Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch made waves in the headlines when he said during an interview with Steve Bannon that doctors have been disclosing that well over half of new COVID cases they are treating are among vaxxed individuals.

“They’ve estimated 60% of new patients they’ve been treating have been people who’ve been vaccinated,” Dr. Risch said in the now strongly “fact-checked” statement.

Indeed, the media was quick to quash the Ivy League doctor’s claims, citing data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which suggested at the time that just 0.008% of COVID infections were occurring among people who have received the shot.

The problem is that it’s not clear whether the CDC accurately measured the rates of breakthrough infections – and it’s not clear they accurately measure breakthrough cases now, either.

When even mainstream media admits that CDC “understates” the real number of breakthrough infections, there’s a real reason to question just how “safe and effective” these unapproved shots truly are

According to a recent June article published by the Associated Press, the CDC does not know the true percentage of hospitalizations and deaths occurring in fully jabbed people.  Indeed, the CDC isn’t even tracking how many fully jabbed people are testing positive yet remaining out of the hospital.

Limited data is to blame, apparently.  For one thing, not every state is even reporting breakthrough infections – or injection failures.  And of those that are, some are “more aggressive than others in looking for such cases,” says the Associated Press.  According to CDC officials, this means that the data “probably understates such infections.”

Of course, the issue of breakthrough cases brings up another important question:

If so many breakthrough cases among “fully jabbed” people are still happening (perhaps more than we know of), how do COVID shot mandates actually help – and why are schools and employers requiring these shots as a condition of enrollment or employment?

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