Bayer trying to convince the public that glyphosate is ‘safe,’ deceptive marketing exposed

Bayer trying to convince the public that glyphosate is ‘safe,’ deceptive marketing exposed
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(NaturalHealth365) What do you get when you take a 150+-year-old pharmaceutical powerhouse – Bayer – and allow it to take over a 117-year-old agrochemical company, Monsanto?  For starters, how about a cool $40 billion in revenue for the unofficial president of the big pharma club?

This is exactly what happened last year when the drug company bought out Monsanto.  But even money may not be enough to ease the minds of higher-ups at Bayer, because it turns out that people are pretty upset with Monsanto (and now Bayer) for being behind the cancer-causing weedkiller Roundup. Unfortunately, Bayer’s idea of damage control involves misleading the public.

Discover the ugly way Bayer responds to ‘bad press’ about owning Monsanto and its cancer-causing products

If you’re going to purchase a major Big Agra company, then you have to be willing to assume its baggage and debt, wouldn’t you think? But this isn’t what Bayer wants to do.

Nope – instead of coming clean about the carcinogenic product it now bears responsibility for, Bayer has been spreading biased evidence about glyphosate’s alleged “safety.”  But even Bayer admits itself that the evidence comes from “100 Bayer-owned glyphosate safety study reports.”

Surprise, surprise: these “Bayer-owned” studies overwhelmingly suggest that glyphosate-containing Roundup is harmless.  But as the Wall Street Journal recognized in a recent April 2019 analysis, independent studies consistently show how toxic and dangerous this chemical really is.

We’ll be blunt: this is what happens when a company values corporate profits over public health and safety.

5 shocking facts hidden in plain sight

As if Bayer’s recent shady dealings and propagandizing aren’t enough, check out these five other dirty little “secrets” about the famed big pharma powerhouse:

  1. Bayer created heroin – Friedrich Bayer & Co trademarked it back in 1898.
  2. Bayer was a major player in World War I by creating some of the deadliest chemical warfare compounds known to man, including mustard gas.
  3. Bayer was part of a conglomerate that helped fund the Nazi party in World War II.
  4. In the 1980’s, Bayer sold blood products tainted with HIV to people with hemophilia – a horror they quietly paid tens of millions of dollars out in settlements.
  5. Bayer was part of the largest Medicaid fraud settlement ever. In 2003, the beleaguered company pled guilty for selling antibiotics to consumers for less than what they billed to Medicaid. Bayer paid over $257 million in the settlement.

It’s cringe-worthy – especially when you consider this doesn’t even cover the company’s entire nefarious history.

By the way, wondering if you have any medications, drugs, and other products produced, owned, and/or marketed by Bayer?  Chances are you do.

Some of their most notable ones include Aleve®, Alka-Selzter®, and the flea and tick medicine Advantix®…and that’s just the A’s!

For a full list, be sure to check out Bayer’s product portfolio online.

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