Behind bars: Whistleblower arrested for exposing terrifying COVID-19 jab trends

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whistleblower-arrested(NaturalHealth365)  New Zealand whistleblower and statistician Barry Young finds himself in the clutches of authorities, facing charges of “dishonestly accessing vaccination data.”  This legal ordeal comes hot on the heels of Young’s courageous act of bringing to light disconcerting patterns embedded within the nation’s COVID-19 jab data.

At the heart of the controversy is Young’s disclosure of a damning database chronicling fatalities linked to COVID-19 shots, shedding light on a narrative that challenges the prevailing discourse around jab safety.

Decoding the data: Alarming connections revealed

In a recent interview with Liz Gunn, founder of the New Zealand Loyal Party, Young presented a detailed analysis of connections between specific COVID-19 shot batches and mortality rates.  The data he shared raised alarming questions about the safety of these batches, with mortality rates far exceeding the anticipated norm.

Watch the video interview where Barry Young presents his findings.

The swift response: Arrest and ovation

Young’s revelations prompted a swift response from New Zealand authorities, leading to his arrest.  However, advocates argue that Young’s intent was to shed light on potential negligent manslaughter, emphasizing that the charges against him lack merit.  During his initial procedural hearing, Young received a standing ovation from a packed public gallery, indicating a groundswell of support.

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Young’s arrest raises broader questions about transparency, accountability, and the balance between privacy and the public’s right to information in public health.  Entrepreneur Steve Kirsch asserted, “The data is legit; that’s why they are arresting Barry.  He’s a hero for exposing the truth.”  Kirsch contends that Young’s leaked data challenges the prevailing narrative of COVID-19 shot safety, suggesting a potential cover-up in the swift response to his arrest.

Silencing the truth: Questioning the forces at play

As we witness the unfolding events, it’s crucial to spotlight the attempts to silence truth-seekers in public health matters.  Barry Young’s arrest is a stark reminder of the challenges faced by those who dare to bring uncomfortable truths to light, especially in the context of COVID-19 shot safety.

It prompts us to question the motives behind suppressing those who seek to shed light on vital health-related matters.  How far will “the powers that be” go to cover up their crimes?  Will justice prevail, or will those with the courage to speak up continue to pay the price for their candor?

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