Pharmacy delivers carloads of big pharma drugs to U.S. Congress for conditions including dementia

Pharmacy delivers carloads of big pharma drugs to U.S. Congress for conditions including dementia
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(NaturalHealth365) Some people joke about whether our Senators are up to the task of governing, especially some of our more “mature” incumbents. However, a pharmacist who makes deliveries to the luminaries on Capitol Hill has shared some disturbing revelations about how big pharma is ‘taking care of’ our politicians.

Mike Kim, the head pharmacist at Grubb’s pharmacy, says that some of them are taking drugs for Alzheimer’s disease. Grubb’s, a local Washington DC pharmacy, delivers big pharma drugs by the carload to numerous Senators on Capitol Hill. This delivery service is supposed to be a secret, but a recent article in leaked the information.

Up to 800 pharmaceutical drugs delivered – every day – to Senate offices

Mike Kim and the staff at Grubb’s are spilling the beans on the health conditions of Congress.

To hear Kim tell it, the Senators are “pharmaceutical drug addicts” who rely on a “steady stream” of drugs shipped covertly on a daily basis to their offices. The persons interviewed for the article implied that some of the Senators “aren’t all there” in terms of cognition and brain functioning.

While not naming names, they reveal that prescriptions for diabetes, circulation issues, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are being filled for some of the men and women on The Hill. The pharmacy hand-delivers up to 800 prescriptions a day to the Office of the Attending Physician, the health care clinic of the Senate.

Kim says he is revealing this information out of concern for the future of the country and the fate of upcoming legislation. He wonders if certain members are well equipped enough cognitively to be making key decisions that affect the future of our nation.

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Big secret of the Senate’s reliance on big pharma and pharmaceutical drugs revealed

Grubb’s pharmacy has been shuttling prescription pharmaceutical drugs to the Capitol every day since 1997. The business operates through the Office of the Attending Physician (OAP), the personal doctor of the Senate. The OAP is fairly secretive and vigilant about the privacy of the Senators; they and the Senators will likely not be happy that this information has been made public.

So, who has dementia? That hasn’t been revealed; however, numerous Senators and members of the White House have shown strange symptoms that could offer clues. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been showing strong evidence of speech abnormalities.

Should someone with Alzheimer’s disease be a member of Congress?

Hillary Clinton was famously caught acting strangely on numerous occasions during her presidential bid. John McCain admits that he receives regular shipments, and once joked that Grubb’s pharmacy had “injured him on several occasions” (at least we hope he was kidding.)

All jokes aside, these are the people who are making America’s most important healthcare decisions among many others. It is disturbing to learn that they rely so heavily on prescription drugs from big pharma.

Are these people equipped to make important decisions about our future? And just who is it that has Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia? (We, certainly, would like to know)

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