COVID shot makers to investigate harm caused by their injections

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covid-shot-makers(NaturalHealth365)  In yet another sign of the seemingly inevitable apocalypse, Moderna and Pfizer are coordinating clinical trials to analyze whether the coronavirus jab causes harm.  To say it is ironic that Big Pharma is studying whether its own mRNA creations are spurring the onset of myocarditis and other negative health outcomes is an egregious understatement.

Those capable of critical thinking eagerly point out that vax makers went to great lengths to stress the alleged safety and efficacy of their mRNA jabs.  However, as recently admitted by the power brokers at Pfizer and Moderna, clinical trials will soon be underway to gauge the extent of potential health problems triggered by the jabs.

Pfizer and Moderna to launch clinical trials to investigate link between myocarditis and mRNA COVID shots

The apparent motivation for Big Pharma to take a deep dive into the supposed safety of their jabs is to determine if the shots lead to the onset of heart issues in teenagers, young adults, and others.  Unfortunately, the ensuing clinical trials may reveal the shots cause significant health problems years after injection.

Furthermore, it is also possible that the adverse health outcomes of mRNA jabs have delayed latency, meaning they are very real yet do not fully manifest in the form of diminished health until decades have passed.  The sad truth is we might not understand the full extent of mRNA jabs’ adverse health outcomes until 2025, 2030, or later.

Mounting evidence suggests COVID injections cause severe injuries and deaths

It is no mistake that the calls for full transparency over COVID shot clinical trial data get louder as time passes.  We would be remiss to gloss over the growing number of teens and young adults who are suddenly dropping dead or suffering heart-related problems after receiving one or more of the COVID injections.  For example, 22-year-old Da’Vion Miller suffered a blackout in the fall of 2021, merely one week after receiving an injection of Pfizer’s vax.

Miller had complained of chest pain the days following the jab, also noting excessive fatigue, dizziness, confusion, and breathing problems.  Miller was transported to a local hospital and diagnosed with heart inflammation, also known as myocarditis.  Furthermore, the physicians’ examination also revealed inflammation of the heart’s exterior lining, referred to as pericarditis.  Miller’s personal physician strongly warned against receiving subsequent injections for obvious reasons.  Too little, too late, don’t you think?

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FDA, CDC, and mainstream media continue to ignore massive harm caused by mRNA shots

Miller’s story is only one of the many circulating on alternative media platforms.  Though uncomfortable to ponder, we must consider the possibility that hundreds of thousands of other young adults have suffered similar adverse health outcomes after receiving the jab.  The medical community is understandably hesitant to admit such negative health outcomes were induced by the Moderna or Pfizer shots.

Even if the shot does not directly cause health problems, it is likely a powerful contributing factor to heart health issues.  Myocarditis spurred by the injection is problematic beyond the primary concern of heart health.  Myocarditis is tied to a litany of health problems, including the flu, coxsackieviruses, and other infections.

Official government data reveals over 1,000 reported cases of myocarditis or pericarditis in children under 18 after the coronavirus shots since 2020.  Even more concerning is that the majority of the shot victims were young males, an age cohort that has been historically strong and healthy.

COVID shots were never safe, effective, or necessary

Those willing to think critically, explore their intellectual curiosity, and embrace the truth will admit that mRNA COVID shots offer all risks and no benefits.  Regardless of what you are being told by the talking heads of Big Government, Big Pharma, and Big Media, the shot was never safe, effective, or even necessary.

Although facing the truth may be a painful process for many who believed the propaganda, the pain is worth enduring because their lives may depend on it.  I just strongly doubt that Pfizer or Moderna will be the ones to tell us that their products have caused so much harm.

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