Stop the insanity: Pharmacies selling unapproved fluoride drugs to the public

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fluoride-pills(NaturalHealth365) A short video released by the Fluoride Action Network is alerting the public about dangerous fluoride “supplements” that are illegally on the market today. They are being heavily marketed to parents with children despite the known dangers of fluoride toxicity and the fact that these oral supplements have never been approved by the FDA.

A Fluoride Action Network investigation found that these dangerous products are still being sold at the largest drug stores in the U.S., including Walgreen’s, CVS, Rite Aid and Wal Mart. The sale of these products violates federal laws as well as the laws of at least 17 states prohibiting the sale of drugs that have not been approved by the FDA.

Fluoride toxicity causes neurological and endocrine system disruption

Fluoride’s potential benefits only come from topical application to the teeth – NOT internal ingestion. Swallowing fluoride is not only ineffective – it is potentially harmful and dangerous to those who ingest it – especially children. {Share this video with your family and friends}

Fluoride is a known endocrine disruptor and neurotoxin. Studies have shown that the ingestion of fluoride during the formative years of childhood can cause numerous health issues linked with fluoride toxicity, including learning issues, behavioral problems, low thyroid functioning, fragility of the bones, and bone cancer.

Fluoride ingestion can also cause dental fluorosis, a mineralization of the tooth enamel causing visual uneven coloring of the teeth. Based upon all of this data, it is clear that fluoride ingestion should be reduced or eliminated – not increased.

Oral fluoride “supplements” being illegally sold in major pharmacies

This range of so-called fluoride “supplements” includes sodium fluoride drops, tablets and lozenges. They are sold via prescription at major pharmacies despite never having been approved by the FDA.

Fluoride is NOT an essential nutrient, so it is disturbing to hear these products referred to as “supplements.” Referring to the oral intake of fluoride as preventative of cavities violates federal law because the FDA has never approved it for this purpose.

However, these products are being prescribed to millions of children across the U.S. and are still on the shelves at Walgreen’s, CVS, Rite Aid and Wal Mart. These unapproved drugs need to be removed from store shelves!

The Fluoride Action Network has sent this letter to the CEO of Walgreens.

Your voice can help spur business owners to do the right thing

The Fluoride Action Network has filed a petition asking the FDA to ban all fluoride supplements from the market.  Add your voice by signing the petition here.


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  • Marsha Barkin

    Every dentist I ever went to pushed this as the newest modern marvel. They gave out tooth paste and mouth wash samples with fluoride. They recommended a fluoride treatment.

  • Lenny Ryder

    Wonderful way to profit on a surplus of toxic material. I know they have targeted both adults and children. There is enough chemical poisons we are exposed to without adding this to the mix.

  • Luke Keller

    Fluoride is not only useless, but dangerous. This article points this out. I am not for topical application as it can be ingested. Who doesn’t absorb some even when not ingested.

  • Lillian Wexler

    I was told to give my children fluoride drops to prevent cavities. I said I will watch what they eat to prevent them.
    The dentist said that wasn’t enough to protect their teeth.
    I decided to not use this dentist-that is how I will protect their dental and overall health.

  • Chuck Brown

    How do you get fluoride out of the water? I have a whole house filter and I am not sure it works on that.

  • Russell Foley

    Fluoride is hard to get rid of once ingested. To prevent damage it is a must to limit your exposure.

    • David R.(Canada)

      Fluorine and Iodine can occupy identical sites in the body. Studies in India have shown that ingesting adequate amounts of Iodine will (slowly) flush Fluorine out of the bones. Depending how much Fluorine you have in your bones will determine how fast you can get rid of it; it may take a number of years, but at least it’ll be moving in the right direction.

  • David R.(Canada)

    Fluoride is, I believe, used for the Tx of hyperthyroidism. It’s an Iodine antagonist.
    These days it’s a fairly rare condition as there a serious shortage of Iodine in most food and soil these days.