No COVID jab, no transplant: Colorado hospital denies organ transplant to unjabbed patient

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hospital-denies-organ-transplant(NaturalHealth365)  The pandemic has truly revealed to us some of the worst and most hypocritical parts of people.  Just look back to August, when a group of South Florida doctors “protested” against their patients who had decided not to take the COVID-19 shot.  These doctors took an oath to “do no harm” and willfully treat thousands of people every year experiencing a wide range of conditions largely driven by personal choices, including obesity, sexually transmitted infections, and drug overdose.  Yet somehow, it’s the people declining the COVID-19 shot who are the ones who deserve discrimination.

Now, the blatant discrimination against jab-free individuals is reaching new heights.  In some U.S. healthcare systems, an eligible candidate will no longer be able to receive a lifesaving organ transplant if they are unvaccinated.

If you need an organ transplant, you have to get a COVID-19 shot, says Colorado hospital

It’s alarmingly evident the rate at which public health officials – fueled by Big Pharma-funded tech and media companies – are trying to push the narrative that unjabbed individuals are “threats” to society and should be made to feel less worthy of respect.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the recent news out of Colorado, where the University of Colorado Hospital is now kicking people off organ transplant lists unless they get the COVID-19 shot.

This new policy applies “in almost all situations,” according to Colorado’s UCHealth.  Hospital spokesman Dan Weaver also said to The Denver Post that organ transplant recipients already must meet various conditions.  For example, potential recipients may be “required to receive vaccinations including hepatitis B, MMR, and others” and have to stop smoking or drinking alcohol.

While requiring conditions to promote the survivability of organ transplant recipients – and taking into account a potential candidate’s likelihood of survival – is completely understandable, critics argue that adding the COVID-19 shot to the list of conditions is highly questionable given the limited amount of data surrounding the drug.

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Consider this: a May 2021 study published in JAMA found that the complete two-dose series of the COVID-19 shot does not even protect many transplant recipients against COVID-19 anyway.

Of course, proponents of the “no jab, no transplant” policy claim that because science shows two doses of the COVID-19 shot isn’t, in fact, “safe and effective” for transplant candidates, this justifies the need for a booster shot.

But the evidence supporting the efficacy of a COVID booster shot in organ transplant recipients is based on just one study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, which found that 60% of booster shot recipients developed significantly more antibodies compared to the placebo group after receiving the third dose.

This study – the one driving these discriminatory organ transplant policies – was small, including just 120 people.  Also, the study only looked at the Moderna shot.  And it should also be noted that just because a booster shot increases antibodies does not necessarily prove that the booster shot will reduce the likelihood of getting COVID-19 – time will tell, perhaps.

Plus, even if there is some definite benefit of a booster shot for organ transplant recipients, it’s completely unknown whether and how long any possible benefit will last.  Will the extra dose still “work” 6 months, 12 months from now?  How many more “boosters” will people be required to take?

As “COVID segregation” escalates during this pandemic, it’s time to take ownership of your health destiny

Some other questions for healthcare institutions mercilessly taking unjabbed patients off the organ transplant lists:

  • Are you no longer going to accept organs from unvaccinated organ donors?
  • If you ARE still going to accept organs from unvaccinated individuals, how is this ethical?  Why can people who choose not to get vaccinated still donate their organs when they die but cannot receive transplant organs if their lives depend on it?
  • Will you deny organ transplants to double-jabbed candidates who have chosen not to receive a booster shot?
  • How do you plan to account for the fact that these COVID shots are causing severe, likely underreported, and sometimes fatal adverse reactions?

Like many people, we are concerned that the United States is rapidly approaching the point when an individual’s freedom to make personal medical decisions will be completely snubbed by conventional healthcare and government officials.  As a result, our ability to rely on mainstream doctors and public health officials for respecting bodily autonomy is increasingly threatened.

All this to say: it has NEVER been more important to take care of your health.  And while we all deserve access to necessary medical care, no one is more responsible for our well-being than ourselves.

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