NH365 049: Mercury poisoning – An industry insider speaks out about modern dentistry

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naturalhealth365 podcast(NaturalHealth365) Today, on the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, our special guest Karen Palmer has an urgent warning for anyone considering a visit to the dentist – especially if you have or may get mercury-based silver fillings placed inside the mouth.

Karen issued the following statement directly to the Food and Drug Administration, during a special hearing about dental amalgams, in 2010:

“Many of the first symptoms of mercury poisoning are neurological and psychological in nature – causing irreversible and permanent damage. It’s crucial to note that neurotoxicity is not an allergy.”

“Who is first to be exposed to exposed and on the front lines every day and being negatively affected by chronic mercury vapor exposure, even before any trusting patients. The 266,000 dental assistants that are serving millions and who are lacking the serious full body protections needed for the placement and removal of this toxic material.”

Today, you’re about to hear the devastating health consequence associated with chronic mercury exposure – first hand, from an industry insider. If you’re a dental professional or if you have silver filling in your mouth – I urge you to pay close attention to what you’re about to hear.

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Links related to the show:

IAOMT – International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

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Program highights:

  • Dental professional alert: Karen reveals her toxic past of working within a dental office.
  • Karen issues her loudest warning to every person waling into a dental office.
  • Plus, you’ll learn why it pays to be self-educated about the dangers of mercury-based fillings. (because your dentist probably won’t tell you)

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Ken Floyd
Ken Floyd
5 years ago

I learned so much from this summit. There isn’t another place to find this much information in one place. I am sharing my copy of the program with friends and family. Thank you Jonathan for all your work to make this happen.

Maxine P
Maxine P
5 years ago

Dentist are still using mercury and the ones that stopped still think there was nothing wrong with those fillings. They are just following the trend as their patients question the use of mercury.

Rafael Rhett
Rafael Rhett
5 years ago

Our dental system is outdated, just like pharmaceutical medicine is. Dental treatments are not only toxic, but make no sense. Biological holistic dentists are the future. As the truth gets out we will see a shift in how the public views mercury fillings and root canals. It will take time.

I enjoyed the holistic dental summit and hope everyone gets a copy to share. This is a chance to change the climate of dental health and practices.