New survey shows 49 percent of Americans believe COVID shots likely to blame for rise in unexplained deaths

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covid-shots-blamed(NaturalHealth365)  A new survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports reveals nearly half of all Americans believe coronavirus shots cause premature deaths.  The intellectually honest who are willing to think critically and cut to the truth have dissected the above-referenced survey, finding the sequence of COVID shots perpetuates a pandemic that has no end in sight.

More than 25% of people think they know someone who has passed away due to coronavirus shots.  This percentage has the potential to worsen with each successive COVID injection.  However, the evil alliance of Big Pharma, Big Government, and Big Media made it challenging to counter the widely accepted pro-vax narrative.

Rasmussen Reports survey shows almost half of Americans blame COVID shots for unexplained deaths

Remember how it started?  Government officials marketed the COVID shots as the only way out of the pandemic.  Tragically, the vast majority of the population jumped on board with the vax program and willingly rolled up their sleeves to take one or more injections.  That was then.  Now, public sentiment about the shots appears to shift.  It is particularly interesting to point out that nearly 50% of Americans believe coronavirus injections are to blame for inexplicable deaths.

The Rasmussen Reports survey also found 48% of Americans believe there are valid reasons to be worried that coronavirus injections are unsafe.  Though the survey was limited to 1,000 Americans, it is characterized by a 95% confidence level with a margin of sampling error of +/- 3 points.

American adults begin to raise questions about jab safety

Nearly 70% of those who have not received the coronavirus vax believe there is reason to suspect the vax is unsafe.  Furthermore, 40% of those who received an injection agree that there is a legitimate reason to worry about the impact of the shot on human health.

46% of vaxxed adults believe people who worry about vax safety are spreading conspiracy theories, while only 15% of the unvaxxed share that belief.  In addition, 69% of those who haven’t gotten the shot believe there are legitimate concerns about the safety of COVID-19 jabs, while only 40% of the vaxxed seem concerned.

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Younger Americans are less likely to be vaxxed

Let’s shift our attention to individual age cohorts in the context of the COVID vax program participation rate and perception.  Younger individuals living in the United States are significantly less likely to be vaxxed against the virus.  It is alarming to learn that more than one-third of adults younger than 40 believe someone in their circle might have passed away from the shot’s side effects.

In contrast, 28% of adults between 40 and 64 believe someone in their circle might have passed away from COVID vax side effects.  Less than 15% of senior citizens believe someone they know might have passed away as a result of taking the shot.

Great awakening is happening – at least when it comes to COVID vax safety

The good news is that while most Americans still believe coronavirus shots are effective, more people are thinking critically and learning about the harmful side effects of mRNA injections.  We can only hope people wake up sooner than later.

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