What’s in the vials? Pathologist reveals SHOCKING content of COVID shots

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pathologist-reveals-covid-shot-vial-content(NaturalHealth365)  The government has promoted the idea that COVID shots as essential to “stopping the spread,” yet they are a covert threat to human health.  Big Pharma reinforces Big Government’s message, framing the shots as harmless injections that reduce the strain on our public health system.  However, the actual contents of the vials are quite shocking.  Evidence continues to emerge suggesting that the content of the vials is even more sinister than previously suspected.

Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist with more than a quarter-century of experience, is bravely stepping forward to tell the truth about COVID clot shots.  Dr. Cole is shining the spotlight on COVID shots’ inconsistencies, making it crystal clear that the ingredients within vax vials contain latent threats.

Curious why some people get injured by the COVID shots but not others?  Here is a possible explanation

Dr. Cole has been one of the few brave physicians unafraid to go up against the official COVID injection narrative.  He has been sounding the alarm about the jab’s safety, or rather lack thereof.

During a recent interview, he shared a possible explanation for why the COVID injections harm some people but not others.  Though it is difficult to accept, the reality of our current situation is that the mainstream media has told bald-faced lies and half-truths about COVID shots.

Dr. Cole’s lab work provides an inside look at the tiny particles within COVID vax vials.  Dare to look beneath the microscope, and you’ll discover coronavirus shots contain tiny particles that alter human blood.  Dr. Cole also indicates that mRNA concentrations are not uniform in each vial.

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It is clear that Big Pharma’s manufacturing process for creating vaxxes is flawed to the point that the industry is gradually losing the public’s trust.

Blood analysis of COVID vaxxed reveals SHOCKING results

Dr. Cole reports deceased individuals who passed away after receiving the coronavirus vax often have blood clots and/or fibrous structures that have a composition similar to rubber.  Truth-tellers throughout the medical community insist they did not observe such clots in corpses during the pre-pandemic era.

Dr. Cole, Dr. Etheresia Pretorius, and other respected physicians have compared blood samples from the bodies of the deceased who died suddenly after the vax with those who suffered regular blood clots.  The physicians found meaningful differences between the two groups.  The doctor reveals the clot shot victims’ blood contained a protein that congealed similar to amyloid.

COVID vax contains graphene oxide, nanoparticles, and more

Let’s shift our attention to graphene oxide within the bodies of the coronavirus vax victims.  The doctors referenced above discovered objects within the blood of the deceased shaped similar to small rod-like structures.  However, when the structures were shifted onto their sides, they resembled flattened plates similar to graphene oxide.  Dr. Cole is adamant such structures are crystallized cholesterol resulting from an inflammatory response generated by the vax’s supposedly beneficial spike protein.  The inflammation of blood vessels breaks the crystallized cholesterol apart, ultimately compromising the bloodstream.

Dr. Cole also found microscopic structures within the blood of the deceased resembling nanochips that have the potential to be used to override bodily autonomy.  In summary, the clot shot contains harmful components, and those who receive the shot are not receiving the same dosage level.  Stay tuned as more information about the contents of the COVID shot get revealed in the months and years ahead.

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