Pfizer, Moderna sold “fake vax” to the world, EU politicians demand accountability

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pfizer-sold-fake-vax-to-the-world(NaturalHealth365)  As time progresses, politicians reluctantly admit that Big Pharma’s interest does not align with that of hardworking taxpayers.  Political leaders here in the United States have been slow to acknowledge Big Government’s and Big Pharma’s evils; those abroad have flip-flopped on the vax comparably quickly.

Most Notably, politicians in the European Union (EU) are sounding the alarm about the sale of Big Pharma’s fake vaxxes.  The primary culprits in what amounts to a fraudulent scheme of mass deception include the industry titans of Moderna and Pfizer.

EU politician calls for the prosecution of Pfizer and other COVID vax makers

Politicians in the EU call on government heads across the globe to cancel vax contracts with the titans of the pharmaceutical industry.  Prominent EU politician Mislav Kolakusic, is now pushing for global resistance to what began right here in the United States of America.  Although, according to the official narrative, the original intent of the vax program was to develop a one-time shot to stop the spread of coronavirus, it quickly became a profit-driven scam used for covert social control.

Kolakusic is adamant that Big Pharma sold fake vaxxes to the EU.  The MEP to the European Parliament from Croatia insists the entirety of the EU should eliminate all business connections with Moderna, Pfizer, and other vax-makers in the aftermath of the COVID shot debacle.

mRNA COVID injections have never stopped virus transmission

Though Kolakusic made his somewhat controversial “anti-vax” statements in October 2022, his words quickly built steam in what might amount to a worldwide pushback against Big Pharma.  Before distributing the mRNA injections, Pfizer allegedly failed to conduct proof of transmission tests.

You may recall Rob Roos, the Dutch MEP, recently questioned whether Pfizer’s injection was adequately tested in the context of halting the transmission of COVID-19.  After all, the vax program was initially touted as a Big Pharma-led “mission” to stop the virus from spreading.  In reality, the vax has never halted transmission.  At this stage, it is difficult to argue that the COVID-19 injections are a net health negative characterized by a massive spike in blood clots, myocarditis, and sudden deaths.

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Member of the European Parliament demands a refund for 2.5 billion euros invested in fake vaxxes

Kolakusic is going to great lengths to expose the truth about Big Pharma’s shots, pushing the EU parliament to explore whether the shots’ supposed benefits outweigh their risks.  During his speech, he cited data from the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics, which indicated the COVID shots were ineffective.  The data cited showed that infection rates were no different between the vaxxed and unvaxxed.  If the shots do not halt transmission, nor prevent infections, then what is the purpose of their use?  This is the question everyone should ask.

Globalist playbook is known; the plan is in the open for all to see

The painful truth is Big Pharma and their autocratic puppets in government posts are more concerned with taking the public’s temperature for forced mandates as opposed to providing a vax that halts the spread of coronavirus.  It is clear that the pandemic measures were never about public health.

It is time to prosecute all the players responsible for orchestrating this global nightmare and the puppet masters hellbent on eliminating personal autonomy in favor of a New World Order characterized by corporate authoritarianism.

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