Pandemic lockdowns harm the immune system, especially for our kids, studies suggest

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pandemic-lockdowns-harm-the-immune-system(NaturalHealth365) With almost 2 years behind us – since the start of the pandemic, studies have come out suggesting that the lockdowns may have actually increased a threat to our children’s immune systems.  The whole idea of a lockdown was to keep us isolated and supposedly “safe” from germs that could potentially harm us.

But, what studies are proving is that being exposed to those germs is what builds and supports our immune system, especially in small children.  Without a strong immune system, a child is at a higher risk of not being able to fight off even a minor cold or flu.

Are we weakening our children’s immune systems by keeping them too tidy and clean?

The “hygiene hypothesis” suggests a direct connection between the lack of exposure to germs as a child and the rise of reported allergic conditions in adolescents and adults.  So making sure our small children are always clean and tidy may not be the best thing after all.

By reducing their exposure to germs and other microbes in the environment, we prevent their immune systems from gaining the fuel they need to fire on all cylinders.

Is there such a thing as being too clean?

We are forcing our kids to live in a sterile environment between hand sanitizers and constant handwashing.  We are so caught up in keeping them clean; we are forgetting that, as kids, they are supposed to be getting dirty.  They need to be playing in the dirt, making mudpies, and simply being children.

They need to be exposed to the wealth of germs and microbes within their world so that their world doesn’t eventually turn on them.

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Exposure to germs is essential to building a healthy microbiome

Part of the reason that we, as adults, can fight off the cold and flu is that our immune systems were developed by constantly ‘playing in the dirt.’  From the time we were born, exposure to germs helped build the microbiome that would eventually evolve into what is now our immune system.

Keeping our kids in a sterile environment prevents them from having that same advantage.

Smart idea: Explore herbal remedies to fortify your immune system

While letting our children explore their world without constantly pushing handwashing and mask-wearing, we can begin to get them back on track when it comes to strengthening their immunity. It’s also a good idea to use herbal remedies to help support the immune system and reduce the effects of the viruses they are being exposed to.

Remember, allowing them to come in contact with these germs helps them build the antibodies they need to thrive and remain healthy.

According to the official narrative, draconian COVID measures were put in place to slow the spread of the virus.  Still, hundreds of studies show they miserably failed to yield any benefit.

Furthermore, they seemed to have harmed children’s immune systems.  Give your child the opportunity to build their natural antibodies and consider using herbal remedies to help fight viruses naturally.  And most importantly, question government-mandated measures that force you into a lifestyle of physical isolation, mask-wearing, and more.

Sometimes we just have to say the obvious, government “health” officials don’t really care about our health.  They care about supporting pharmaceutical industry interests.  For example, when was the last time you heard Dr. Fauci talk about the value of astragalus, black elderberry, echinacea, olive leaf or oregano?!

Bottom line: Until our government officials advocate for better eating and lifestyle habits, I won’t trust their “advice.”

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