Self-proclaimed “junk-foodaholic” vax scientist pushes COVID boosters in place of healthy diet and lifestyle

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vax-scientist-pushes-covid-boosters(NaturalHealth365)  It is no secret that doctors are quick to prescribe medication rather than recommending healthy eating and frequent exercise.  After all, there is money to be made with the writing of prescriptions.  Medical professionals would sing a different tune if we were to eliminate physicians’ financial kickbacks from Big Pharma.

For example, did you see vax-promoter extraordinaire Dr. Peter Hotez recently on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast?  Hotez, a frequent contributor to CNN, exemplifies the hypocrisy of the medical industry as described above.  Hotez wasn’t shy about his passion for junk food and shamelessly promoted COVID booster shots instead of healthy eating.

“Scientist” proudly declares himself a “junk-foodaholic,” downplays importance of healthy diet and lifestyle

Though the mainstream media is quick to tout Dr. Hotez as the family-friendly face of the pharmaceutical industry’s mRNA shot campaign, the physician was unmasked during his appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast.  Aside from admitting that his dietary and exercise habits are severely lacking, Hotez also revealed he has willingly received successive mRNA jab shots as soon as they became available.

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It is clear that Hotez relies on “science” and swears by injections – including the mRNA jab – rather than self-discipline in the form of healthy eating and regular exercise.  Hotez’s admissions prove that Western medicine has little to no understanding of human health.

Rather, Hotez’s statements constituted a silent admission that the masses live in his image: unhealthy, overweight, and reliant on Big Pharma to come to the rescue when public health crises arise.

Unmasking another Big Pharma shill

Listen to Hotez’s conversation with Rogan, and you’ll find he isn’t shy about promoting COVID booster shots.  In fact, the doctor insists nearly everyone in the world should receive the injections.

The doctor conveniently overlooks the many problems caused by the COVID mRNA shots ranging from myocarditis to irregular menstrual cycles, strokes, and possibly even cancer.

Ignored by Western medicine: A functional immune system is your best defense

There is a glaring contrast between Dr. Hotez, an out-of-shape academic, and the health-conscious Joe Rogan.  Rogan, famous for his strict dietary intake and demanding workout schedule, likely has a robust immune system capable of fighting off COVID.  In contrast, Hotez relies on Big Pharma concoctions to survive an infection.

Rogan inquired as to what Hotez does to bolster his immune system.  Aside from receiving one booster shot after another, Hotez does nothing to boost his immune system response.  Rogan deserves credit for continuing to push the issue, insisting that proper nutritional intake combined with exercise and vitamins are superior to receiving a potentially never-ending string of shots.

“Radical” concept to Western medicine: Change your lifestyle instead of rolling up your sleeve

The moral of the Dr. Hotez interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast is that it is better to be self-reliant than dependent on money-hungry Big Pharma executives and power-hungry government bureaucrats.  The shot-pushers of Big Pharma and Big Government are more interested in taking your money and keeping you under control than helping you live a long, healthy life.

Instead of rolling up your sleeve every couple of months for a new Big Pharma injection, choose the right supplements and food.  Center your diet around fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, and incorporate regular exercise into your life.  Finally, resist the temptation to fall into groupthink, and you will likely outlive the likes of Dr. Hotez.

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