SHOCKING: Pathologist reveals what COVID injections do to the brain and other organs

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pathologist-reveals(NaturalHealth365)  The COVID-19 mRNA jabs created by Pfizer and Moderna – which evidently work “so well” that they require at least three doses within a single year – instruct cells in a person’s body to make and pump out spike protein.  It’s the same protein found on the outside of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that we now know causes damage and inflammation to cells and tissues within the body.  By instructing the body to make these toxic spike proteins, officials claim, a vaxxed person’s immune system should be able to more quickly recognize the novel coronavirus in the wild and therefore prevent infection.

Real-world data, of course, shows that the “effectiveness” of the COVID shots wanes dramatically after just weeks and that even three shots cannot stop transmission of the virus for many vax recipients.  But even though the ability of these shots to stop transmission is underwhelming, one pathologist recently gave a concise explanation of what this COVID shot actually seems to be capable of.

COVID shots are genetically engineered to tell the body to make spike protein, leading to inflammation, organ damage

Dr. Ryan Cole is an experienced pathologist who trained at various institutions, including the Mayo Clinic.  At a summit presented last summer by America’s Frontline Doctors, Dr. Cole gave a stunning account of what the COVID-19 injections appear to be doing inside peoples’ bodies.

After beginning his presentation with a few sober references to multiple headlines detailing the unexpected deaths of young people post-jab, Dr. Cole goes on to cover a variety of points regarding the “clot shot.”

You can watch the entire video by Dr. Cole … HERE

A major topic: the relationship between the toxic spike proteins from the virus (and from the mRNA vax) and ACE2 receptors.

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ACE2 receptors are proteins found on the surface of many cells, including cells within the blood vessels, lungs, kidneys, heart, brain, and reproductive organs.  These receptors assist with normal cell function.  But as Dr. Cole explains, the now infamous spike proteins from the virus can bind to these ACE2 receptors, acting like a “key” that opens the receptor site and allows the virus to infect the cell.

Dr. Cole further explains, laboratory data suggests that the spike proteins generated by the vaccines also appear to be cellular function – for instance, by causing inflammation and damage to blood vessels in the brain, triggering inflammation in the heart, and dysregulating the immune system.

He cites the ten- to twenty-fold increase in uterine cancer in the last six months as part of the evidence he’s relied on to come to this conclusion.

“If we’re not looking, we’re not going to find it”

One of Dr. Cole’s earliest points from his speech at the White Coat Summit is that it took over 11,000 documented COVID jab-related deaths before the first post-vax autopsy was performed.  Why the lack of investigation, he asks?

Conceding that autopsies are expensive, Dr. Cole brings up the point that if the government is willing to spend billions of dollars of taxpayer money on vaccine propaganda, then surely they should be willing to put money toward proper investigations of deaths that are so closely associated with a novel therapeutic.  So why aren’t they?

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