Root Canal Treatment Warnings: 3 Censored Facts

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(NaturalHealth365) If you already have a root canal treatment or you’re considering one – WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW to find out what is never revealed by most conventionally- trained dentists.

You’ll soon see HOW root canal treatments can have a profound (negative) impact on your health and, more importantly, what you can do to protect your health.

Do NOT ignore these root canal treatment warnings

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  • caroline hicks says:

    I had a root canal done 20 years ago with a biological dentist due to the tooth being knocked out during an athletic event – would infection still be there even if the cause of the root canal wasn’t infection in the first place? Many Thanks!

    • Paul says:

      Yes because the natural defense mechanism of fluid flow through the dentinal tubules is removed when the pulp is removed. Now the bacteria from the bloodstream can freely enter the tubules and set up an anaerobic colony

  • Theresa S says:

    My 13 year old has a bad tooth, the dentist said he needs a root canal. He’s so young I hate to just pull it. I consulted with a holistic dentist and she said root canals really aren’t as bad as everyone thinks. She referred us to an Endodontics and they can go and get Ozone from the holistic dentist to use in the procedure. I feel this is a better option. But it’s still a root canal and it’s expensive! I was hoping there was another option, like just cleaning out the pulp and putting in a white filling. The first dentist said he could do that but half the top of the tooth would be filling. Wouldn’t that be better than a root canal? He is only 13. I thought holistic dentist had other options but it doesn’t seem so.

    • Paul says:

      It depends on which tooth it is. If it’s a second molar and there is a good wisdom tooth unerupted behind it I just extract the second molar and let the wisdom tooth come in and replace the second. If it’s a lower, the upper second needs to be restrained from over erupting until the wisdom is in. Your “holistic” dentist is a poser. All root canal teeth are infected and toxic. They might try cleaning out the decay very gently and using ozone in the tooth and maybe laser it too, then place an IRM filling and wait to see if it survives. If it was my family I would not do a root canal and you need to reduce your child’s sugar intake!

  • Jonathan Landsman says:

    HI Everyone – Just want you to know we have Griffin Cole DDS a fantastic dentist that I have done many programs with from Austin Texas helping out answering questions -Please be patient this is a big topic with lots of Questions.

  • Heather J says:

    I know I need to get my two root canals removed! Unfortunately, I can’t afford it right now. Is there anything I can do to help lessen the effects I’m having from the toxins until I can have them removed?

    • Vivian O. Johnson says:

      I have a friend who uses oil pulling daily. When he went for his dental cleaning, they had absolutely nothing to clean. There was not even plaque. I used to do it and stopped. I’ve started again and I don’t plan to stop. It will pull toxins out of your body as well. I presently have a root canal issue myself. The oil pulling will help. Dr. Fife’s book can help you with Oil Pulling. It was also presented in Jonathan’s DocuClass.

  • Rosemary says:

    I have a crown on a top second from the back tooth and it is infected and they say it has been infection for a long time as the nerve is calcified. It was found by me having a cone beam x ray. Of course they want me to have a root canal. Is Fontona Lightwalker PIPS or Sweeps laser Protocol with oxygen-ozone therapy any good?? How would I find someone if it is a good option??

    • Leif says:

      A dentist that fully understod the biology of the body made a statement and comparison.
      ”Leaving a dead root of a tooth is like after a birth where you leave the placenta/afterbirth.”

  • AnitaZ says:

    I fully understand I should not get a root canal, but what if I have a dead tooth (tooth #3) that is sitting there with the root in tact. My biologically trained dentist is giving me option of extracting OR letting it stay there and keeping an eye on it while we keep doing ozone treatments. While I sometimes notice slight discomfort in this tooth, the terrible pain I had when it died is gone. I have great oral hygiene habits and keep the area very clean with different methods of salt rinses, oils, silver, etc. The tooth died after the heavy trauma of removing the large amalgam filling (using smart method) and having a crown put on. It’s tempting to leave it sit there because I know the alternative with implant is going to be costly. But if root canals are so bad, leaving a dead tooth in there with the root still there must be just as bad,– correct?

  • Tina says:

    I had a crown done about a 1 1/2 years ago. Never had any problems with my teeth but now I have more sensitivity when chewing and for the first time I have bad breath and I haven’t changed my routine. Could this be due to the crown?

  • mieg says:

    Hi, I would like to know what are the différent options of treatment(a)after root canals have been removed .. how does one treat the case???
    Thank you ☺️

    • Jeff Bell says:

      There are a lot of variables involved. And making the right choice for you and your body is crucial. I highly recommend that you consult a really good biological dentist and have them look at the specific factors in your case and then present your best options. I do not think this is something that can be effectively addressed in a comments forum like this.

  • Susan King says:

    I have an abscess on an upper molar – it’s been there about a year. Is there any way the infection can be killed and the tooth saved or do I need to have it extracted? I will NOT do a root canal or an implant. I would either leave the space or get a removable partial if I need to get it out. I’m almost 60.

  • Kevin Ahern says:

    I had an infected tooth about 2 years ago, that was root candled and then left to heal for months. Never happened so eventually had it pulled but ever since have had greater or less feeling of soreness in that whole section (upper left) of my mouth. The tooth that was treated and pulled was, I think, # 19.
    Any suggestions on what to do now. i live on Oahu so very few biological dentists available.

  • Ginger says:

    I have no idea how to find a biological dentist. I have several root canals and now I’m freaking out!

  • Irene Yoshinaga says:

    I had root canal done after I fell and half the tooth was broken.
    It has been close to 3 years and there is minimal sensitivity when I put pressure on the tooth. It is the front left tooth.

    I talked to to a few endodontists in searching for a biological dentist but none have heard of the term “biological”.

    I live in Los Angeles near Santa Monica and LAX.
    Will you recommend a dentist who can do a Cone Beam X-ray and extract the dead tooth?

  • Irene van Dijk says:

    I don’t think there are any biological dentists on Vancouver Island. My old dentist (not biological) retired and I am not sure who I could trust to remove a root canal. Would a holistic dentist do as good a job of removing a tooth with a root canal?

  • Jeff Bell says:

    Thank you for posting this crucial information. For years I have known that root canals were a true health disaster. I knew that a tooth so “treated” was a dead tooth. I knew that they always got infected and that the infections were chronic.

    I did NOT know that root canals caused chronic, systemic inflammation. Of course, that makes sense.

    I knew that people with root canals had poorer outcomes if they were dealing with cancer. In my practice, I have observed that over and over again. But I did not understand why. Now, it seems obvious: Based on the metabolic model of cancer, it is established that inflammation, along with sugar in any form, and glutamine fuel cancers. So, of course the root canals, causing such inflammation are going to fuel cancers and make them grown and spread faster, and make them harder for the immune system to suppress or overcome. It is like pouring gasoline on a fire. Wow!

  • Bettie says:

    I had a root canal over 26 years ago. It had my breath bad and I am
    Ready to have this tooth fixed or
    Have it gone. I also have some teeth
    That need to have the amalgums removed. Where can I find a dentist who can do this work for me

    • Jonathan Landsman says:

      Have you seen this web site?

      • LindaB says:

        Just to late i saw the video about not using metal implants to replace teeth. Non metal versions are apparently available but my dentist said they do not last!!! Yikes. Apparently the bone has healed well for the implant so i am hoping for a good outcome. Do the metal implants cause infection too?? And I have to upper molars situated above the implant which have crowns . the X-ray/photos for the current implant procedure shows them to be quite dark? If they ware just crowned and not root canals … does that indicate the need for removal????

  • Carol Hearne says:

    I have quite a few crowns in my mouth. If and when they fail, what are our options? Do we just gum it?

  • Lena Susman says:

    Hello. I pulled out 7 root Canada during a year. I got many infektion due to it. After 1 years I replaced this emty spots with implants. During this time I got severe problem with my heart,lungs,sinuits,block in my ears, dry eyes,pancreatit, gallblader,stomach,interstinite,pressure in my brain.
    Dentists denied any infektion and medical doctors ignorera it.
    I took a biopsi in the bone of my mouth and send it to a laboratorium. The result was: many bakterie and I need to take antibiotika. But there was a restricktion about it both from de dentist and medical docktor.
    I try to build up my immunsystem and ett healthy food but still I am not well. Is there any ither advice?

  • Vivian says:

    Try oil pulling. Read Dr. Fife’s book on Oil Pulling and it helps to get the toxins out of your body. It is an amazing natural treatment with coconut oil.

  • Laurel says:

    I have a tooth that was refilled and now dentist says ‘root canal’. I have been looking into going to the ATSU school of dentistry in St. Louis for treatment, but it is a tri-fold issue–chronic sinus infection/allergies/affecting tooth. I have lost molar on left side due to sinus infection causing abscess that would burst and ate the tooth away. Now feel it is happening to other side. D.O. in Kirksville/ATSU seems to be my starting point–opinion? I have good teeth and mouth . Thanks for the good info

  • Tetyana says:

    I have 17 root canals and several crowns. Would you recommend to replace infected root canals with implants if bridges not an option.

  • Mayke says:

    After a rootcanal treatment I developed a gut diseas; I’m eating low Fodmap for already two and a half years. I wondered that the root canal was the cause. My bio dentist agreed and he’s going to extract it next week. The low Fodmap diet is very restricted so I hope it works. I am also gone take an oral feacal transplant after.
    Do you come across more often after root canal treatment that people develope gut dibiosis?

  • Curious says:

    are Crowns bad too? Or ok?

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