Will you comply? Governments prepare for next round of national emergencies to justify unconstitutional interventions

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next-round-of-national-emergencies(NaturalHealth365)  As time progresses, more people recognize that Big Government uses false flags and red herrings to distract the public.  The heads of state and those who lead corporations are masters of disguise, distraction, and manipulation.  More often than not, a false or overplayed “national emergency” aims to justify an intervention that violates one or several constitutional rights.

The powers that be will continue to get away with social control schemes unless the masses refuse to comply with orders from the top.  For example, “Emergency Talks” are being used to push virus-related restrictions for weaponization.  Supposed national emergencies are often trojan horses in disguise used to covertly implement latent motives such as the suspension of civil rights.  Alleged national emergencies are a roundabout way of skirting civil liberties in the name of utilitarianism.

Coronavirus emergency measures are tools of the Government to control you

The declaration of a national emergency is a strategic form of hidden authoritarianism meant to control people.  Yet, such grand announcements also have the potential to inspire panic and even cause mass psychosis.  Supposed populists will soon use a new round of national emergencies to justify a society-wide override of constitutional rights in the never-ending quest for more power.  So when a politician speaks of impending doom,  your ears should perk up, and you should put on your detective hat, dissecting and analyzing every word to uncover the truth.

COVID emergencies are portrayed as dramatic events that justify forced injections authoritarians deem necessary to earn a living and learn in school.  The truth is exposure to the virus is often less of a threat to one’s health than the gene-altering shot.  From toxic graphene oxide to nanoparticles and more, COVID injections are rife with tiny particles that have the potential to lead to lifelong health problems.  However, if you believe the talking heads on the nightly news, we are still in the midst of a national emergency that has lasted for more than three years.

In reality, there is no emergency.  COVID has an infection death rate of a mere 0.2%, yet the mainstream media has the general public brainwashed to believe gathering in groups during the holiday season is the equivalent of playing Russian roulette.

Next national emergency coming to you

When historians of the future look back on the current era, they will highlight the hypocrisy of public officials for declaring the spread of a respiratory virus a national emergency.  The public has allowed self-interested politicians who take bribes from Big Pharma to restrict access to employment and education, prevent people from gathering in groups and even prevent them from standing or sitting within six feet of one another.

The worst part about the ongoing COVID national emergency is that politicians justified using American taxpayer dollars to fund the Wuhan lab that created the virus.  The “national emergency” spawned by the pandemic is nothing more than an overblown spread of a virus similar to the flu with a disproportionate impact on the elderly and those with weakened immune systems.

It’s time to speak the truth and highlight how the COVID “national emergency” intruded on work, school, and life as we previously knew it.  The clock is ticking.  It is only a matter of time until several more supposed emergencies arise, be it in the form of climate change panics that spur “green lockdowns” or another virus characterized as a deadly threat that might not be anything of the sort.

The moral of this story is to question everything, including the narratives of Big Government, Big Pharma, and even your local media.

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