Blueberries offer cancer-protective benefits that can also increase your lifespan

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blueberries-offer-cancer-protective-benefits(NaturalHealth365)  One of the foundational causes of disease, aging, low lifespan, and death is faulty DNA repair in the cells.  While our DNA is continually being damaged throughout our lives by both external and internal stressors, a healthy body actively and effectively works to repair this damage.  So, what does eating blueberries have to do with all of this? (keep reading)

You see, as we get older, this internal DNA repair process tends to become less effective.  Poor lifestyle choices can also make our bodies less effective at cellular repair, whereas more effective DNA repair means higher resistance to illness and the effects of aging.  Now, let’s talk about why blueberries are so important to this process.

How can blueberries help us avoid a low lifespan?

Blueberry extracts have shown a tremendous capacity to assist with DNA repair at deep and robust levels.  Our DNA repair capacity is essential to longevity and our body’s ability to ward against cancer. A joint study by the United States Department of Agriculture with other organizations found that blueberry compounds are so effective at supporting this process that they may increase lifespan by an average of 28%, or around 22 years, in humans.

While the brain-protecting and memory-enhancing benefits of blueberries have been known for quite some time, more recent studies show that blueberries may actually help to delay the aging process and prevent a low lifespan.  They do so via various mechanisms such as supporting and enhancing DNA repair and modulating the genes associated with aging to express in more favorable ways.

Bottom line, making blueberries a part of a healthy, organic diet is an even more enriching lifestyle choice, and adding pomegranate and green tea extracts can enhance the effects even further.

What exactly are the health benefits of blueberries?

Blueberries reduce oxidative stress on tissues, neutralize harmful free radicals, and boost genes that have cell-protecting mechanisms.  Blueberry compounds also work directly on genes associated with aging itself, combating low lifespan and raising longevity.

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How does this work?  Plants are known for coping with challenges in their environments by producing potent stress-reducing nutrients.  The ravages of temperature extremes, high humidity, and lack of nutrients are all buffered by these nutrients.  When humans consume these compounds, we get some of the same stress-resistance benefits at a deep cellular level.  Our bodies are assisted in fighting off their own challenges, including DNA damage from both internal and external threats.

One of the best ways to naturally deal with oxidative stress

Never underestimate the power of nutrition.  Blueberries grow in rough terrains like sandy soils, dry environments, and high altitudes.  It is believed that these harsh indigenous conditions are the main reason they produce the highest known concentrations of these reparative, bioactive compounds.

When consumed by humans, these molecules help to protect brain function and tissue from the aging process, repair DNA damage and increase lifespan.  Blueberry extracts are also showing promise in mitigating and preventing cardiovascular disease, hypertension, lipid disturbances, obesity, and cancer.

Consuming blueberry extracts daily can help to ward off degenerative diseases that can lead to a low lifespan – the same diseases that are currently treated with prescription drugs.  While blueberry extract is potent and effective on its own, the benefits of blueberries seem to be even further enhanced by including them as part of a balanced, healthy, organic diet.

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