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Vitamin D – Surprising truths and myths revealed


(NaturalHealth365) According to the CDC, breast cancer – the most common cause of cancer in women – claimed over 41,000 lives in 2014 alone. Yet integrative healthcare providers, like Dr. Daniel Cobb, say that the toll from this horrible disease could be sharply reduced by simply understanding the value of nutritional supplementation – especially the use of vitamin D. In ... Read More »

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Jonathan Landsman hosts the Immune Defense Summit, FREE and online starting July 24


(NaturalHealth365) The best defense against illness and disease is a strong immune system. Unfortunately, according to Jonathan Landsman, host of NaturalHealth365, too many so-called ‘health’ organizations and government agencies fail to emphasize this reality.  As a result, most people are uninformed about the importance of immune system health and how to best support it. The Immune Defense Summit is on ... Read More »

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Antibiotic resistance solutions and strategies revealed at the Immune Defense Summit, FREE and online starting July 24th


(NaturalHealth365) Antibiotic resistance is a growing threat in our world with no truly effective remedy currently offered by Western medicine. By some estimates, antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” will kill more people than cancer by 2050.  No doubt, it’s time to focus on solutions. Your best defense against infectious disease and tomorrow’s global health threats is a strong immune system. However, all too ... Read More »

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Suberbugs, viral infections and chronic disease solutions at the Immune Defense summit, FREE and Online event starts July 24


(NaturalHealth365) The evolution of superbugs that can resist modern antibiotics has led the World Health Organization to classify antibiotic resistance as a “global public health” crisis – one that is worsening by the day. In addition, we are besieged daily with environmental toxins in the air, food, water, and even our own bodies – including mercury in fish and dental ... Read More »

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How fasting kills cancer cells and improves immune function


(NaturalHealth365) According to recent research, intermittent fasting – the practice of doing without solid food, often for 20 to 30 hours at a time – has a surprisingly beneficial effect on health. Studies have shown that fasting boosts the immune system, promotes the growth of new neurons, reduces side effects in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, eases autoimmune disorders and even ... Read More »

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Warning signs of autoimmune disease


(NaturalHealth365) Autoimmune diseases currently affect at least 24 million Americans, reports the National Institutes of Health – and this group of devastating disorders is on the rise. Experts say that autoimmune disorders, which include such serious diseases as multiple sclerosis and lupus erythematosus, will soon affect 1 in 12 men and 1 in 9 women. HUGE announcement: Starting Nov. 14, ... Read More »

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Solving cancer – An integrative approach that outperforms chemotherapy and radiation


(NaturalHealth365) By the end of 2016, over 1,600,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States.  Many of these people will be exposed to the unwanted side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.  The American Cancer Society adds that 595,690 people will lose their battle with this disease – despite the best efforts of Western medicine. (it’s time ... Read More »

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Immune system alert: Why you should care about endotoxins


(NaturalHealth365) LPS stands for lipopolysaccharide or, as some would describe it, endotoxins. Simply put, endotoxins are a form of sugar; “endo” meaning it exists inside the cell wall of bacteria. In the past, endotoxins were thought to be released in the body only after a bacteria cell dies. But, now, it’s believed that some of them are released during normal ... Read More »

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Adrenal fatigue – A natural solution revealed


(NaturalHealth365) The old way of ‘treating’ disease symptoms with toxic medications, produced by the pharmaceutical industry, has failed to successfully eliminate the true cause of most chronic health conditions – especially adrenal fatigue. Simply put, toxic drugs will only add to the problem of stress experienced by the body. The best way to eliminate disease symptoms. On the next NaturalNews ... Read More »

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NH365 052: The emotional cause of inflammation and disease

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Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS(NaturalHealth365) Let me ask you an important question … do you feel stressed out – on a regular basis? This feeling can leave you drained on an emotional level and severely damage the immune system. And, as you know, weakened immunity leads to things like sleep disorders, chronic ... Read More »

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How poor oral health destroys the immune system


(NaturalHealth365) Have you ever wondered what will determine whether you remain healthy or get sick with cancer, heart disease, dementia, neuro-degenerative disease, chronic fatigue, the flu, a cold or Ebola?  Well, it’s the immune system, stupid! (of course, not directed to our educated readers) While I don’t usually use the word “stupid” – in this case it helps to illustrate ... Read More »

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NH365 046: Improving digestion – A matter of life and death

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Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS(NaturalHealth365) We often hear that digestion and immune system health are deeply connected to each other. In fact, most integrative healthcare experts would agree that poor gut health greatly increases the risk of disease and premature death. Yet, most conventionally-trained physician won’t talk about how to avoid digestive ... Read More »

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