The number one cause for 90% of all heart attacks

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man-having-heart-attack(NaturalHealth365) Inflammation of the lining of the coronary arteries has been known for some time to be at the root of virtually all coronary atherosclerosis that eventually leads to partially obstructive lesions, the acute formation of an occluding blood clot, and the resulting heart attack that is the number one cause of death in the United States.

However, little to no attention has been paid to trying to figure out why those coronary arteries become inflamed in the first place. Is inflammation a natural part of the aging and/or degenerative process in the coronary arteries? The answer is a most resounding “NO.”

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The most dominant cause of heart attacks

For many years as well, it has also been known that periodontal disease, which is a chronic inflammation/infection of the gums in the mouth, is strongly “associated” with coronary artery disease and myocardial infarction (heart attack). It should also be noted that multiple studies reveal that atherosclerotic plaque and the lining of diseased coronary arteries routinely have identifiable pathogens present, a finding that is never normal.

But this bacterial seeding is precisely why inflammation “starts” in the diseased coronary artery. Infection/pathogen colonization always consumes local antioxidant stores and inflammation results.

Inflammation never just “appears” for no reason at all

A relatively small handful of the better heart surgeons in the country would insist upon an examination of the mouth as part of their preoperative evaluations, especially when contemplating heart valve surgery. If there was a lot of gum disease and/or evidence of any infected teeth, this had to be resolved as best as possible before proceeding with the planned surgery.

The very sound logic for this evaluation was that infection in the mouth could end up infecting the heart. The fact that only a few surgeons have followed and continue to follow this protocol remains clear evidence that even our finest and most respected physicians in the country remain largely unaware of this most critical mouth disease-heart disease connection.

It is extremely important that both physicians and dentists become fully aware of this mouth-body interplay

In fact, the importance of the mouth-body connection is overwhelmingly significant in how it impacts the public health. Chronic dental infections cause more substantial disease and early death than any other singular condition, by far.

Dental infections nearly always occur in confined, oxygen-starved microenvironments, a situation that makes many otherwise harmless bacteria and assorted pathogens become exceptionally toxic.

The work of Dr. Hal Huggins and Dr. Boyd Haley over the past 20 years has confirmed the exceptional work that Dr. Weston Price performed almost a century ago. Their results established that deep-seated dental infections, when deprived of oxygen, produce enormously potent toxins, some of which are many-fold more toxic than even botulinum toxin when tested on their ability to inhibit critical human enzymes involved in energy production.

And this is in light of the fact that botulinum toxin is still considered by mainstream medicine to be the most toxic substance ever identified. Yet, as impressive as the work of Huggins, Haley, and Price is, most physicians and dentists either remain unaware of it, or they simply choose not to acknowledge its validity.


Conventional dentistry refuses to recognize the truth about oral pathogens

Chronic periodontal disease has ultimately pointed the way to realize, along with the work of the pioneering researchers noted above, that the ultimate, most clinically devastating dental infection is the root canal-treated tooth. Huggins and Haley found potent pathogen-generated toxins in 100% of over 5,000 consecutive extracted root canal-treated teeth, while normal teeth extracted for orthodontic purposes demonstrated no such toxicity.

The simple fact, still remaining to be properly realized and embraced, is that nothing really comes close to the negative impact of root canal-treated teeth in terms of the numbers of people who end up with life-altering chronic degenerative diseases and early death.

If this seems like an exaggeration or overstatement, simply consider the research findings that will be presented inside the Holistic Oral Health Summit.

Order The Holistic Oral Health Summit to learn more about how to protect your health and REVERSE disease symptoms.

About the author:About the author: Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD is a board-certified internist and cardiologist. He is also bar-certified for the practice of law. He has written extensively on the importance of eliminating toxins while bolstering antioxidant defenses in the body, with particular focus on vitamin C. His website is His latest book, The Toxic Tooth: How a root canal could be making you sick, co-authored with Robert Kulacz, DDS, is now available at

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  • JAKE

    So stop having root canals? What are we supposed to do?

    • kathleen

      I think that is what the holisticoralhealthsummit is for- to educate about these issues.

    • tomiller10

      that is the 20 million dollar question. So many holistic health professionals go on an on about the dangers of root canals but if you are young and the teeth are in front or visible than leaving it pulled is not an option. Implants have been proven to be as problematic as root canals. Dental bridges require the grinding down of healthy teeth on each side which can often fail. That leave you with a dental plate which is very uncomfortable to live with so what does that leave us with ….? no solutions..

      • pam r

        I pulled all of my root canals one was toward front top -. had a single non implant – non bridge single
        tooth put in one of the spaces, regular dentist would not know options
        or how to save the tooth from a root canal. I would not do dental work
        until I listen to the summit – one mistake can be quite costly in terms
        of $ and health.

    • pam r

      yes, it will eventually fail and have to be pulled. It is also setting the stage for cancer. I pulled all of mine. had a single non implant – non bridge single tooth put in one of the spaces, regular dentist would not know options or how to save the tooth from a root canal. I would not do dental work until I listen to the summit – one mistake can be quite costly in terms of $ and health.

  • JAKE

    BTW–My daughter Linda is having a root canal soon. Tell her no? What do I do?

    • nutritionxpert

      In order to choose a good general dentist, I have a list of questions you need to ask the prospective dentists to determine if he is qualified to work on your teeth or teeth of your friends and relatives:

      1. Does he use digital x-rays and not analog x-rays that produce 10 times the radiation?
      2. Does he use Septocaine as the anesthetic?
      3. Does your dentist use a rubber dam to prevent toxins from entering your body?
      4. Does your dentist use an exhaust system to dispose of the toxic mercury vapor?
      5. Does your dentist use medical grade tubing to supply purified air to your nostrils?
      6. Does your dentist use dye staining to determine where decay is exactly on your tooth?
      7. Does your dentist use a dental laser to disinfect?
      8. Does your dentist use low-fusing ceramics or ceramic/hybrids to replace fillings?
      9. Does your dentist use a light curing device to permanently bond a new inlay or crown?

      He MUST answer YES to all these questions to be acceptable. Then you must take the responsibility of properly preparing your body before getting any work done. This is a process I’ve created that addresses many studies showing that NO DENTAL PROCEDURE CAN STOP MERCURY FROM GETTING INTO THE BODY FROM DENTAL WORK WHERE MERCURY IS FOUND. Proper pre-dental work takes 2 weeks and this assures the greatest success and none to tiny residue left in the body of mercury. Then detoxing 1 week afterward is the final process.

  • genann59

    I broke a molar in Feb 2014. Still have not been able to get it pulled. It was infected for awhile, took antibiotics and the infection went away. Was seen at a local clinic last month and was told it needs to be pulled, but since it is an old root canal and the way it is broken, will cost over $200 more to pull it, beyond the $80 for the exam and x-ray. But their problem is they only have an oral surgeon twice a month, at best, since we live in a small town in the sticks. He was booked for all last month and his first visit in Sept, so I am to call on the 14th to see if I can get in to see him if he schedules another visit in Sept. The tooth hurts, even though the dentist says it is not infected, and I have been sick as a dog for the last week. Due to back problems I cannot drive to the big city where I could get it pulled quicker and probably free. All my upper teeth were pulled due to infection a few years ago by the VA and the VA dentist told me at that time all the lower teeth were infected as well. They were supposed to have been pulled at the same time as the uppers but the VA oral surgeon decided not to do so, so I still have them. They told me the teeth were all dead, but since they hurt, I guess they are not as dead as they said they are. Oh well, guess that proves the old statement – Life sucks, then you die. (BTW – this oral infection has done wonders for weight control for me, my weight is really down. Easier way to lose weight than a diet, you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight. Right up until you die.)
    The dental problems started when I lived in OK, in 2003, when a tooth fell out of socket and quickly abscessed. I called the only oral surgeon in town whose receptionist told me since I would be seeing him for the first time, he would not see me until I had the $140 to pay before the appointment. I did not have the entire amount and had to borrow part of it from friends back in Texas. In the meanwhile the infection got worse, so I drove down to the VA in Oklahoma City and was told as I walked in with my face all swollen, that the VA did not treat dental infections on the weekend. So I drove the 100 miles back home. Ended up having to go to the ER in town for antibiotics, which it turned out Medicare would not cover, and finally got the $140 together the following Monday and went in to see the oral surgeon. He told me that by then another tooth was abscessed. He chewed me out for having waited so long, the face was swollen up to my eyes, and told me I could have died with the infection that close to my brain. He did go on the pull both of them even though I only had the money for one tooth. A couple days later I called the office and told them I thought more teeth might be abscessed and was told he was not willing to treat me anymore since I had not had the money to pay for both teeth before. So I drove down to the VA in Oklahoma City AGAIN, saw a young dental resident, who told me he saw no infection, that two of my teeth were “mobile” but I should not be having the pain I was complaining about. He did nothing. When I got home I went to my family doctor, and she found a sore inside the upper lip which she cultured. She put me on some antibiotics. The next day she called me and told me the culture had grown some nasty Strep infection, so I had to go into her office for the next week for two shots of some antibiotics, every day, before the infection finally went away. That was the oral infection that ended up with all my upper teeth being pulled at the San Antonio VA a couple years later. And I presume why the lower teeth might be infected as the San Antonio VA dentist told me when the upper teeth were pulled.

    • reggie

      So sorry. Good old VA takes such good care of everyone. Thanks for your service.

  • Bobby Klien

    I had an abscess and the tooth had to be pulled. The dentist I went to would not do it because he wanted to do implants for all the upper teeth as they also weren’t in good shape.

    Went to another dentist who pulled the infected tooth and said the rest of the uppers were not that bad and he said leave them alone.

    Watch out-dentists are in the business of making money. They may call it the way they see a profit. They are part of the modern medical system.

    • nutritionxpert

      Implants using Titanium are incredibly bad for you. Titanium is not pure and contains all kinds of other damaging chemicals and actually concentrates EMF that your body absorbs that are MICROWAVES. Any metal concentrates microwaves and this causes damage to the DNA and those mutations are the start of cancer. CERAMIC implants are biologically compatible and do not cause this problem!

  • Noreen P

    ARESTIN® is an antibiotic that was injected into a gum pocket I had to keep infection away. Guess what it didn’t work and cost $300 dollars.

    When I went online I found dentist charged what they want for it. They can tell you they injected as many pockets as they want. Also, amazing was the fact it doesn’t do anything. Yet, the manufacturer is making a fortune because the dentist love this cash cow.

    • nutritionxpert

      Hi Noreen P: Dental pockets and teeth infections can be troublesome because there is little blood flow in the jaw bone where the infection is most likely deep rooted. Many sinus infections can start in the jaw bone under the teeth. I use and recommend NEEM OIL from India and you can mix NEEM BARK with the oil to make a paste to apply on the gums all around an infected tooth and many times this can resolve the issue. Removing the cause is very important. Many times the aniline chemical used to deaden the nerve is in the tissue and it is aggressive carcinogenic and does not leave the body in most cases after the injection. Septocaine is the only aniline chemical that does not produce aniline homologs. There is ALWAYS INFECTION under every amalgam filling! Everyone!

  • Kelly G

    After reading all these comments I registered for the Oral Health Summit. Knowledge can be lifesaving. I only wish I had this type of information before I let a dentist near my mouth.

  • Kelly G

    I guess I should of said near my pocketbook. As all these dangerous procedures cost me a pretty penny.

  • Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

    Hello Jake, nutritionexpert,

    By your posts you seem to be a very sincere person trying to offer what you consider to be the best information to people desperate for answers and options.

    That said, you should really read “The Toxic Tooth” that Dr. Kulacz and I wrote, as it is not an opinion book, but the inevitable conclusion/result of a mountain of research and scientific evidence spanning many years now.

    All root canal-treated teeth are infected. Let me repeat that: All, or 100%. It is a fatally-flawed procedure that makes it impossible for the immune system of the body to ever sterilize the pulp space or the dentinal tubules again.

    While I am sure that some dentists might be able to technically perform the procedure better than others, the procedure itself takes away the access the immune system has to the core of the tooth. So, some such treated teeth might be “less” infected, volume-wise, than others, but they are ALL nevertheless infected.

    If you want a complimentary Ebook in order to see the validity of what I am telling you, I would be happy to accommodate you: let me know at

    And then I would welcome very much a revised post in the future, unless, of course, you feel that all the science that Dr. Kulacz and I cite to be invalid.

    Best regards,

    Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

    • Lilly P

      Thanks for the post, this information can help everyone. For many people including me-it will mean major work and expense.

      This is advice that should be taken to heart for anyone starting down the road of destructive dental work.

    • nutritionxpert

      Thank you Thomas. I do agree that root canals in people that get them done as is the Standard of Care dentistry are performed are infected. I do believe there is a way to create a decent root canal that minimizes the potential for infection. Additionally, the bone can repair even in cases of NICO with the right nutrition. In fact, the lack of hydrochloric acid being produced in the stomach as people age have a profound effect on plaque build up on the teeth. If you are deficient in HCL, you will get plaque build up, if not deficient, you will not get the plaque.

      In regard to the information Dr. Kulacz has created, I am very intersted in seeing it to determine the specifics of his experience with various methods used. I totally agree that almost every root canal is done improperly creating huge problems as a result for people’s health.

  • pam r

    You sound knowledgeable but don’t believe you can have a good root canal. Laser is not effective – spoke to many professionals about this
    I would not do it. Most dentists perform root canals when not needed they don’t know how to save the tooth.

    • nutritionxpert

      Pam r, you misunderstood what I meant about using a laser. The Laser is used to SANITIZE and it also requires a special tip to get into the canal spaces. By using a product like ENDOCAL-10 for example, that expands as it is applied, it gets into the tiny canals that things like gutta percha do not. It is these air pockets in the canals where bacteria breed and thrive allowing biofilms to form. When these biofilms grow to over 14 micro meter, they divide and more are produced and can get into the bloodstream, travel around the body looking for weak tissue sites where they protect bacteria, viruses, etc. from damage by the immune system and then these nasty germs inject their DNA into tissues as a precursor to causing cancer. This is part of the metasticizing process and how cancer can spread to other parts of the body!

  • Ken Leaver

    The Harvard Study of 33,000 people carried out over four generations points to the fact that missing teeth correlates much stronger with death than any of the typical factors like high cholesterol, obesity and high triglycerides. Read more here: https://www.occlivion. com/you-die-when-you-fall-period/