The most overlooked cause of cancer in holistic medicine

The most overlooked cause of cancer in holistic medicine
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(NaturalHealth365) Do you know that 80% of disease symptoms are triggered by problems in the mouth? The vast majority of the population has some form of gum disease, infected root canal-treated teeth or other (undiagnosed) dangerous pathogens inside the mouth – which cause chronic inflammation, heart attacks and even cancer. Don’t ignore these life-threatening issues.

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Ignoring gum disease increases your risk of a heart attack – dramatically

According to Oksana Sawiak, DDS, IMD, MAGD, “When you look at gum disease, it’s extremely common. 87% of North American adults have gum disease to some degree. It’s the most common infection in humanity. So, many people think this is genetic because ‘my mother had gum disease, I’ll have gum disease.’ And what we have found is if we do a microscopic slide and find out what the infection is caused by and treat that infection, we stop gum disease. And to me that’s so basic and makes such sense that I don’t understand why dentistry has not embraced this.”

Bottom line: Don’t overlook the signs of gum disease. Are your gums red, swollen or bleeding – especially when you brush? Does your breath stink (be honest) or are your teeth loose? These symptoms plus other signals like, sensitive teeth (due to receding gums) or abscessed teeth are a clear indication you need to seek the advice of a biological (holistic) dentist.

Several scientific studies clearly suggest that gum disease increases the risk of heart disease and stroke because of the high levels of bacteria found in infected areas of the mouth. They actually find those same bacteria logged around the heart. In addition, gingivitis increases the risk of diabetes, kidney disease and premature births.

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Avoid disease symptoms: Discover the best ways to clean up your mouth

Nadine Artemis, one of the speakers at the Holistic Oral Health Summit, makes it very clear why we should care more about the health of our mouth.

“We’ve got a ‘triple threat’ to our mouth. We’ve got the harmful dental procedures like root canals and improper tooth extractions; there’s a lack of understanding about the dentinal lymph fluid; and we have (in our society) this “periodontal scorched Earth” policy on bacteria – carpet bombing our mouth with really harsh chemicals and toothpaste. And, it’s actually a system that promotes tooth decay.”

I created this summit because I truly believe that oral health is the most overlooked health issue in conventional and integrative medicine. We often hear about the health benefits of organic food and nutritional supplements – but what about the mouth? Dr. Phil Mollica, a biological dentist and speaker at this year’s Holistic Oral Health Summit says:

“You know it’s amazing that people have all this organic food and all this great water but they open up their mouth and there’s infection everywhere. So you take all this beautiful food, mixing it with infection and then you swallow it. So it’s very important that we concentrate on the health of the head and neck.”

Do you know someone dealing with breast cancer? Consider this: Dr. Thomas Rau, medical director of the Paracelsus Klinik in Switzerland, has stated that “98% of all women (in his clinic) with breast cancer had a root canal on the meridian (or tooth) that was related to the same side of the offending tumor.”

In fact, Dr. Rau requires that every cancer patient clean up their mouth BEFORE doing any other cancer treatment protocol. Bottom line, ignored health issues inside the mouth can lead to serious health consequences.

Remember, we’re all connected and a sick mouth usually indicates a sick entire body. The true path to optimal health begins in the mouth.

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