A warning about your fillings and cavities at the Holistic Oral Health Summit

A warning about your fillings and cavities at the Holistic Oral Health Summit
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(NaturalHealth365) Conventional dentistry has brought about a sense of false security when it comes to the practice of filling cavities. Because, in reality, your fillings could be a toxic time bomb.

Dr. Stuart Nunnally, board certified in naturopathic medicine and integrative biologic dental medicine, learned firsthand about the dangers of mercury fillings. On the verge of collapse and ill health that nearly cost him his dental practice, Dr. Nunnally consulted with a colleague and soon realized after removing his own mercury fillings that he had become critically ill from the toxic metal.

Have neurotoxic metals been put in your mouth – without your consent?

Dr. Nunnally will be sharing his knowledge of the dangers of cavities and mercury-containing amalgam fillings at this year’s Holistic Oral Health Summit, which runs from September 28 through October 5. Presenting on, “Cavitation Dangers: How to Heal Properly,” he will highlight the hidden dangers behind cavitation, the best way to properly treat cavitation, and how correctly treating cavitation will improve your health.

Oral health is directly linked to a number of serious health risks and diseases, including diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Sign up for FREE today for the Holistic Oral Health Summit and gain access to the entire archive of presentations, available at your convenience.

One day: Conventional dentistry will have to ‘face the music’

There is little argument in the scientific community that mercury is the most poisonous, non-radioactive, naturally occurring substance found on the planet. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated there is no safe level of mercury. That’s because even one atom of mercury in your body can cause harm to your health.

Despite how poisonous mercury is, the American Dental Association (ADA) and most conventional dentists continue to say that the mercury released from amalgam fillings poses no health threat. Even with no outwardly symptoms, mercury could still be poisoning your system. It has been shown that amalgam fillings release toxic mercury vapor, with 80 percent of it entering the body.

If you still doubt the dangers of amalgam fillings, consider this: the materials that are used in amalgam fillings, including toxic mercury and other metals, are required to be treated as hazardous waste in the dental office. Old filling pieces removed from a cavity must also be put in a hazardous waste receptacle. Yet, conventional dentistry would have you believe mercury-containing amalgam fillings are safe to place in your mouth.

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So, while amalgam fillings are dangerous, the answer is not to leave cavities alone. If you pull a tooth, Dr. Nunnally explains that a cavitation can occur – in the jawbone near the extraction site – especially if the tooth is pulled incorrectly.

When the nerve in this extraction site becomes inflamed due to the cavitation, the resulting pain can sometimes be excruciating. Cavitations in the jawbone are a major health risk because they can become filled with anaerobic bacteria, paving the way for the formation of toxins.

“And, now that we have had – over the last 15 to 20 years – really good ways to test for these diseased areas, in terms of toxicity and DNA reports, we know that the array of anaerobic bacteria that inhabit a cavitation are extremely potent. And, the toxins have been very well documented to be some of the most potent toxins known to man.” Dr. Nunnally states.

Naturally, the answer is mercury-free fillings. Dr. Nunnally’s own practice, Nunnally, Freeman and Owens in Texas, attracts patients from around the world who fly in to have their dental work done. His mercury-free office is dedicated to the practice of health-based dentistry.

“You cannot be truly healthy without good oral health!” sums up Dr. Nunnally.

Don’t let dentistry ruin your health. Reserve your spot today for the Holistic Oral Health Summit – 33 of the world’s top experts talking about how to improve oral health, prevent and reverse disease symptoms and avoid years of unwanted pain.


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