Holistic cancer doctor Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez has passed away suddenly, patients and friends mourn this tragic event

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dr-nicholas-gonzalez(NaturalHealth365)  Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez has apparently died of a sudden heart attack on Tuesday, July 21, 2015.   Of course, with all the ‘strange’ events going on lately with other holistic doctors, there is much speculation about whether there was foul play.  But, for now, that would be premature and we can not say that with any certainty.

As reported by his office, “It is with great sadness that the office of Nicholas J. Gonzalez, M.D. relays news of his untimely death on Tuesday, July 21, 2015. The cause of death was cardiac related, it appears, as he suddenly collapsed and was unable to be revived. Dr. Gonzalez was in excellent health otherwise so his passing is quite unexpected.”

Holistic cancer doctor will be missed by millions of people worldwide

Words can’t express the tremendous influence Dr. Gonzalez had within the alternative medical world.  As a tireless health advocate, his medical practice was a fine example of his care for humanity.  In addition to his successful medical practice, Dr. Gonzalez authored the book, What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer, wrote extensively for NaturalHeatlh365 and many other natural health websites and was a frequent contributor to the NaturalHealth365 INNER CIRCLE.

Here’s just one example of the many projects I did with Dr. Gonzalez – he was always so generous with his time.  Check out this YouTube video (below):

What we know plus many other questions (hopefully) to be answered in time

  • When he died – he was at home with his wife and she did perform CPR – immediately.
  • The ambulance came within minutes.
  • An autopsy was ordered the night he died and results were inconclusive.
  • Everyone that knew Dr. Gonzalez is SHOCKED – and many of his friends are left with lots of questions about his death.

I considered Dr. Gonzalez a friend and will be forever grateful for his work and love for humanity.  My heart and prayers go out to his family and friends.  This is truly a sad day for me.

Dr. Gonzalez – thank you so much for your contributions to society and your friendship.  Rest in peace.

-Jonathan Landsman

Jonathan LandsmanAbout the author: Jonathan Landsman is the host of NaturalHealth365.com, the NaturalHealth365 Talk Hour – a free, weekly health show and the NaturalHealth365 INNER CIRCLE – a monthly subscription to the brightest minds in natural health and healing.

Reaching hundreds of thousands of people, worldwide, as a personal health consultant, writer and radio talk show host – Jonathan has been educating the public on the health benefits of an organic (non-GMO) diet along with high-quality supplementation and healthy lifestyle habits including exercise and meditation.

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  • alan

    I believe he was murdered. He knew too much and was helping too many. Too many patients and people were asking too many questions. Once one patient is healed of cancer using methods of health the first dominoe falls they all begin to fall. We need to protect our heroes. He had cured 1000’s. RIP

    • tsimitpo

      I have no idea, but considering how prominent he was in his field, it does seem that he was the kind of target heartless thugs would take down as a example deterrent to others standing in their way.

  • Robert S Redfern

    This is where I make myself really unpopular. I find it unbeleivable he could be so sloppy as to not have the best full body test at least once every year. Heart disease like cancer does no appear overnight and it is irresponsible to his family and to his followers not to have full tests. We look to such people to lead they way in health and not just focused on one disease.

    • Suzy

      Robert, I do believe he was as healthy as could be. Do you know for a fact that he did not have full body tests? Cardiac arrest is not a condition, it is a reaction. Just as with Dr. Mayer Eisenstein’s death, the first thing that comes to my mind is poisoning. I hope the cause of this untimely death, and the other suspicious ones, will be relentlessly pursued.

      • Robert S Redfern

        Firstly the heart is either healthy or it is not. No one dies of a heart attack with a healthy cardio system.

        You miss my point. If he died by neglect then his legacy should be don’t do as I did and take chances with health checks. I have recently had my 2 day health check by trusted doctors.

        If it transpires that he was exterminated like some of my friends in this business have been then I will happily take it back. Only because I knew these people personally was I able to understand how their death happened. I have no faith in postmortems conducted by the authorities.

        • Robert S Redfern

          This may be a possibility
          https://thefreethoughtproject. com/5-holistic-heath-doctors-dead-5-missing-month-run-ins-feds/

        • Becky

          Your speculations based on ignorance of the man are obnoxious. Go somewhere else.

    • Dee Sund

      Are you a real person or are you a ‘setup’? Do you have any idea of the time, not to mention the expense of having an exam that could catch every possible problem? My younger brother lived for some time in Colorado. Most of the siblings lived in Minnesota. When he and his wife separated, he decided to go back to MN. He was 51 and of course needed a job. He applied to a company and was tentatively accepted based on his pre-employment physical being approved. He died three weeks later of a massive coronary event. Get a clue!

    • ant

      go away

    • tsimitpo

      You clearly didn’t know Dr; Gonzalez well enough to point such an accusatory finger at him. I don’t know if you’ve ever done an enema, but they take time and discipline to do on a regular basis, and Dr. Gonzalez said that despite his incredibly busy schedule he did one EVERY day to help clean out toxins and keep his liver renewed. In fact, he credited that practice with enabling him to keep up with his demanding schedule, which was clearly keeping his own health in perspective.

    • Dis-Ease all has the same caus

      If you have read much about illness from the alternative perspective, you would know that there is pretty much only one disease — too many toxins and not enough nutrition.

      Also, the holistic things that treat cancer also treat the heart, and vice versa.

  • Rosalie Martella

    I can’t belive this!!! He was a pioneer a gem, we are doomed……..

  • Nick Loesberg

    So,,, We have lost , in the past several weeks a large number of gifted Holistic Practitioners after the AMA threats. Does this not concern any one else ? How can Law Enforcement not look a little closer in these cases ? Didn’t Max Gerson have a similar Mysterious demise ?

    • Urban Universe

      Dr. Gerson was murdered.They found arsenic in his system after he died. Of course it was because his holistic approach to cure people of different diseases. The Medical institution hated that as it bit into their profits.

  • Jerry Bures

    So sorry for your loss, Jonathan. How proud you must be to have personally known a man of such great character and influence.

  • Forrest K. Wright

    the ??? I have is why are so many Dr. passing away before there time who have been healing many Cancer people of there cancers through Natural means this isn’t normal . I think that there should be a medical expert due an examination for the cause .

  • El-Kabong

    If I were his wife or relatives I would hire an independent medical examiner and a private detective to get to the bottom of his death. I do not trust these people especially in the cancer establishment which is a $200 billion+ industry and who would have a vested interest in getting rid of people like Dr. Gonzalez who are not just treating cancer but curing it and then preventing future cancers with much success.

  • Mark Lafferty

    Thank you, Jonathan, for your kind words about Dr. Gonzalez. Though I never met the man, he changed my life. Growing up, I was the original junk food junkie, got sick, and have spent most of my life searching for true health. The search ended when I listened to a lecture by Dr. Gonzalez. He was off-the-charts brilliant and understood true health like no other. That what it really comes down to is eating the proper diet (organic, of course) to bring and keep the autonomic nervous system (Houston Control for the body) into balance. It’s an individual thing – Dr. Gonzalez had some of his cancer patients on red meat three times a day, others on more of a vegetarian-type diet, still others on more of a balanced diet. He had 10 basic diets with 90 variations, and that was his genius, along with detoxification and using pancreatic enzymes to treat cancer. We’re all different, we all need different diets. One size does not fit all. (Check out his lecture, “Different Diets for Different Types”)

    The idea that Dr. Gonzalez did not take care of himself, as suggested by another commenter, is ludicrous. He said never trust a doctor who doesn’t follow his own program and he religiously practiced what he preached. And he was big on testing. Having graduated from Cornel after being mentored by Dr. Robert Good (at that time President of Sloan Kettering), you’d better believe he knew how to – and did – keep tabs on his own health. Good grief, he had to be healthy to work 12 hour days Monday through Saturday for almost 30 years. What a dedicated man. His death is shocking and raises eyebrows, especially in the light that he was working on (and to my knowledge, nearly finished with) a book detailing well over 100 patient cases (mostly alive and well cancer patients who should be dead) with a challenge to Big Med to match them (they cannot). The book MUST still be published and if there was foul play concerning his death, it must come to light. Thank you, Dr. Gonzalez, for helping so many, like myself, achieve true health. You will not be forgotten and your work must be continued. Though you received much unwarranted criticism, as a true New Yorker you gave it right back to them and were tenacious in your battle for the truth. It is my understanding that you were a Christian, Nick, and I look forward to seeing you in heaven. Mark Lafferty

  • greenerpastures

    What is going on? The intense hate and evil actions towards holistic healers from the AMA is incredibly sad and evil. My gut feeling is that this wonderful, compassionate man was murdered.

  • goldenrule

    This is just incredibly sad and worrisome. My gut feeling is that this man was murdered and the AMA has blood on their evil hands.

  • Joyce Friedman

    It does sound suspicious, however, high homo cysteine levels or a severe magnesium deficiency could cause sudden heart failure…..so sorry to hear the bad news may he RIP

  • Wendy Allen

    He would know what to do for a heart attack…may take coenyzme Q10 or Ca/Mg or Serrapeptase to unclog blood vessels. Heart attacks may happen in the morning when blood pressure is higher. Stress can hurt..use up B vitamins and zinc. I don’t know what happened, but hearing of the other doctors dying may have upset him.

    • Hot Peppers

      Another option – Take cayenne pepper in the case of a heart attack.

      • Wendy Allen

        Yes…He would have know how to do cayenne pepper. He was alone at the time they said. Maybe he answered the door or other happened. I don’t know what to think. Upsets me. Too many awesome people are dying. Alternative medicine is awesome may it continue strong.

  • Wendy Allen

    youtube. com/watch?v=jM_zww8wdek Alternative doctors dying

    youtube. com/watch?v=aCJ9Kb20GgY Dr. Gonzalez talking about cancer.

    youtube. com/watch?v=le8Qrs-bSZM Heart attack gun that is not detected in autopsy.

  • celestecan

    EMF radiation can easily be used to stop the heart, induce heart attack or heart failure. I have personally witnessed this on numerous occasions.

    • noddy

      Could you tell me a bit more about this please?

  • Urban Universe

    When I first got the news of Dr.Nicholas Gonzalez’s death, the first thing that came was that he was murdered poisoned. They probably put something in his food or drink without his knowledge that he later consumed and this poison caused his heart to stop. Probably something that is hard to trace or cannot be detected under a normal autopsy exam or normal blood test.

    Its sad that in this beautiful country, people who choose to treat sick people holistically are being black listed to the point of being killed. Look at Dr. oz a few weeks ago, the doctors on the board at his hospital wanted to get rid of him from the hospital and criticized him because of his holistic approach.

    Feels like were living in a communist state where we are being forced to do what the powers that be want us to do.

  • Nat Bee

    This reminds me of a story I read last week:
    https://worldtruth. tv/5th-holistic-doctor-died-in-florida-making-5-dead-and-5-more-missing/
    Where did he practice? Where was he found?
    Very weird. VERY suspicious!

  • ant

    the idea is mass intimidation and fear it works, looking at war against vaccines

  • 71945

    Thank you Jonathan for this beautiful tribute to Dr. Gonzalez….he has been a favorite of mine because he was obviously so generous with his knowledge and he was the epitome of integrity. I will save it in my archive for future reference along with other interviews that are being published by your colleagues. He was one of the great teachers of our time and a true patriot who loved all of mankind and trusted he would be here to do everything he was supposed to do for as long as he was supposed to. He actually laughed in one interview when he said some people had suggested he have someone else start his car.

    I do hope you and others will continue to post interviews you have done with him periodicaly for the foreseeable future in his honor. I do not believe he had an unexpected health event but choose not to speculate on how this might have been done to him. I doubt that anything will ever surface in an autopsy and only wish those closest in his life peace in his absence. Thanks again and take care in these difficult times for honest people with integrity of which I know you are one.

    • God Save our Holistic Docs

      I agree that there will be nothing found in the autopsy.
      There are various poisons that can cause a massive heart attack which would not be detectable in the blood after death.

      Remember Andrew Breitbart’s sudden death a few years ago — on the very day that he was to make an announcement that would affect Obama’s campaign? Then, the doctor who signed Breitbart’s autopsy report (stating that the death was a heart attack, natural causes) suddenly died of arsenic poisoning.

      RIP, Dr. G., and may our country be flooded with high-integrity doctors who seek truth and put it into practice for their patients.

  • Lindaxox

    This man really understood and knew what he was doing, he put the standard drug mainstream treatment, all about profit, to shame. They had every reason to silence him and I believe they did. Their offices and homes should be under electronic guard being streamed out to remote computers. It’s just been too many under suspecious conditions. I would ask that his book be published, it’s really important. A man of integrity for sure.

  • OSW

    Get the government out of our healthcare and lives. Stop voting for big government candidates and turning to government for answers. This is the crap that happens with centralized planning.

  • Xtine

    I believe that Nick Gonzalez was targeted because he spoke out against Sloan-Kettering and other USA “Temples of Medicine”. He talked about how people make huge donations to them – EVEN IF THEIR RELATIVE DIED. That they have a horrible success rate of 30% or less. That as fast as people walk in the front door, they’re cranking the bodies right out the back door – but they still have plaques and all kinds of honors hanging on the wall, and millions of dollars pouring in, in the form of donations. From families where they didn’t even save the relative! He attacked the very carefully crafted Temple of Medicine in which Super Ghoul Doctors sell working body parts to those who can afford them and doom average people to their deaths, on the basis of money. Which does NOT happen in most other civilized, Industrialized nations. Only HERE. Because these Ghouls got in and took over, and crafted a public consciousness that makes people not believe what is right in front of their eyes. And makes them reject better treatments coming from somewhere else, because “it must be a scam” or “if they’re not a USA Doctor, they must not know what they are talking about”. Guaranteed that the videos he made were affecting the donations to these institutions and the way they are perceived – Nick Gonzalez had to go. These Doctors and organizations have more than enough money to do a good job on him where it looks like he died of natural causes. I’m so upset I never got to see him, I live very close to NYC and was about to consult with him.

    • Valerie N

      You’re on the mark!