Vaccination alert: FDA views vaccines as non-toxic without toxicity studies

Vaccination alert: FDA views vaccines as non-toxic without toxicity studies
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(NaturalHealth365) Various chemicals called adjuvants are among vaccine ingredients used in their production. The CDC and the FDA approve of them as helpful to the effectiveness of the vaccine. However, these chemicals are causing vaccine side effects that can be quite severe.

One of the most common vaccine ingredients is aluminum. It is used as an adjuvant to help potentiate the immune response to antigens. Adjuvant vaccine ingredients like aluminum supposedly help to trigger the desired response from the immune system. Aluminum has been included in vaccines for nearly 100 years; however, it is now being linked with toxic vaccination side effects.

Disturbing circular logic employed by the FDA when it comes to testing vaccine ingredients

Rates of vaccination side effects have doubled in recent years, and studies have shown clear risks of aluminum to the body. In some parts of the world, children can receive as many as 126 vaccine compounds by age five. Many of these vaccines contain toxic aluminum, despite a gross lack of safety testing by the FDA.

Disturbingly, vaccines are considered “non-toxic” by the CDC and FDA; however, they have not been adequately tested. A 2002 FDA document even states that vaccines do not have to be tested because they are already considered safe and non-toxic – despite the fact that no tests were done to substantiate this claim!

This type of circular logic (or lack of logic) has come to characterize the vaccine industry of the past couple of decades.

A fact that can NOT be denied: Aluminum is a known neurotoxin that has ZERO value inside the human body

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There are also documents showing that pharmaceutical companies, vaccine manufacturers and health authorities were aware of numerous vaccine side effects and dangers, but chose to hide crucial data about these dangerous effects. Also, until recently, very few licensed vaccines were tested on animals for developmental toxicity prior to use on humans.

Despite decades of use, few additives, adjuvants or other vaccine ingredients have been adequately tested for toxicity and vaccine side effects in animals and adults, let alone small or unborn children. Add to that the fact that aluminum is a known neurotoxin, and the negligence reaches frightening proportions.

Aluminum in vaccines can increase the risk of brain damage

A growing number of studies are now connecting the inclusion of aluminum in vaccines to very serious health problems in humans. Aluminum has been linked with autism, Alzheimer’s disease and other detrimental effects to the brain. They have also been connected with major immunological disorders.

Aluminum isn’t just in vaccines; it is also found in other medicines and products including aspirin, cigarettes, deodorants, cosmetics and even some processed foods. If humans ingest an amount of aluminum above a certain threshold, it is difficult for the body to process and expel it.  This is when these toxins get deposited into the brain, bones, liver and other vital organs.

Worst of all, these adjuvants in vaccines seem to have a triggering effect on any other aluminum deposits already in the body, making them exponentially more harmful.  We, the people, must demand that the FDA (and vaccine industry) require thorough testing of ALL vaccine ingredients – making vaccination and consumer safety a top priority.


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