Lower the risk of premature death from cancer and heart disease by taking HIGHER levels of vitamin C

Lower the risk of premature death from cancer and heart disease by taking HIGHER levels of vitamin C
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(NaturalHealth365) I believe that heart disease kills more people due to ignorance over any other reason.  I mean, the fact remains that (even if it’s hard to believe) the vast majority of the population has no real idea how nutrition can change the course of their life.

I believe that every person with cancer or heart disease ought to receive very specific guidance on how to improve their health.  Sadly, this is where Western medicine fails miserably.  Their attitude is: take a pill or do surgery – if needed. (that’s it!)

Not very self-empowering, is it?

Here’s an example of health news – most people never hear about: A recent study determined that higher vitamin C levels can reduce your risk of premature death from both heart disease and cancer.  Yet, most conventionally-trained physicians have no idea about this study.  Why? (just follow the money.)

Let’s be honest: a quick internet search for ‘vitamin C news‘ would clearly reveal a mountain of evidence about how this essential vitamin helps people to achieve optimal health – especially as it related to the cardiovascular system and immune function.  But, this news won’t get published (often enough) in medical journals funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

The fact is (and I’ve said it often) good nutrition has the power to activate a self-healing response within each and every one of us.  But, no doubt, having the ‘right information’ at the ‘right time’ is a challenging task in a “health world” controlled by big pharma.

Study reveals how to significantly LOWER the risk of heart disease – without life-threatening side effects

The vitamin C study we’re talking about today included 475 women and 473 men ages 53 to 84 enrolled in the Linxian, China General Population Nutrition Intervention Trial (NIT) cohort. Plasma samples that had been collected from the subjects during the years 1999 and 2000 were analyzed for their levels of vitamin C.

During a 16-year+ follow-up period, more than half of the study group had passed away; 174 died from heart disease, 170 from stroke, 141 from cancer and 66 from other causes.

Here’s the point that matters: It was determined that those who had plasma vitamin C concentrations in the top 25 percent had a lower risk of dying from any cause.  It ended up being 25 percent lower than those with the lowest vitamin C levels.

By the way, the risk of dying from a stroke or cancer was reduced by 28 percent!  If this was a drug invented by big pharma – the media would go nuts about this story.

In terms of study parameters, ‘low vitamin C’ was defined as 28 micromoles per liter or less, and ‘normal’ levels were thought to be higher than 28 micromoles per liter.

Keep in mind, many integrative physicians may still think ‘normal’ is not really healthy and want much higher levels of vitamin C for people suffering with a chronic disease condition.

Key point: Proper vitamin C intake can REDUCE the risk of oxidative stress and chronic inflammation

Normal levels of vitamin C were associated with a 23 percent reduced risk of premature mortality and a 38 percent lowered risk of dying from heart disease as compared with low levels.  But, remember my earlier point, one can only imagine the results if higher levels were achieved.

In my opinion, scientists need to do much more research based on higher levels of vitamin C in the body and watch what happens.

The researchers found a direct association between higher plasma levels of vitamin C and a lower risk of mortality – which was confirmed over 16+ years of follow-up.  If you’re interested: the study was published in August of 2018 in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

Interesting to note: the researchers believe the reason for these improvements is because vitamin C reduces cellular oxidative stress.  This is a really big point and I see more and more physicians studying this aspect of medicine to help their patients. (thank goodness!)

Remember, unchecked oxidative stress can cause endothelial dysfunction and chronic inflammation of the arteries – which is heart disease.  In addition, excessive (long-term) levels of oxidative stress can cause DNA damage within the cells and cancer cell growth.

More good news: Vitamin C is linked to better metabolic function and brain health

The list of vitamin C benefits continue to grow – especially as it relates to our metabolism and brain function.  For example, the CHALICE (Canterbury Health, Ageing and Life Course) study recently confirmed that proper vitamin C levels help to reduce the risk of poor metabolic function and cognitive impairment.

Clearly, there are many reasons to consume vitamin C-rich foods and high-quality nutritional supplements rich in C.  We just need to keep talking about this – until the whole world hears the truth.

Of course, government-sponsored ‘health’ agencies will tell you that 90 mg of vitamin C for men and 75 mg for women is ‘just fine.’  But, you and I both know that’s way too low and fails to address the body’s real need for this essential vitamin.

Keep in mind, as countless studies and clinical evidence suggest, true health benefits have been reported due to much higher levels.  For instance, when it comes to helping cancer patients, many integrative doctors will administer tens of thousands of milligrams to hundreds of thousands per IV treatment.

So, in the end, I encourage you to do your own research, talk to an experienced healthcare provider about your health concerns and make an informed decision about how to best care for yourself.

I always love to say: the rewards are worth the effort.

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