BREAKING RESEARCH: Hepatitis B vaccine can lead to brain-damaging effects

BREAKING RESEARCH: Hepatitis B vaccine can lead to brain-damaging effects
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(NaturalHealth365) In the latest news on vaccines, a newly published 2018 study ties together – in a neat, alarming little bow – years’ worth of research about the hepatitis B vaccine.

Specifically, the study’s authors re-confirm prior findings that hepatitis B vaccines can lead to brain damage in animals.  But,they also suggest a mechanism as to how this type of brain damage can occur.

Latest research findings reveal a scary connection between brain damage and the hepatitis B vaccine

Prior data from a team of researchers at the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology at Sun Yat-sen University in China 2018 reveal an alarming correlation:

Neonatal exposure to hepatitis B vaccines is associated with neurobehavioral deficits and brain damage in rodent models.  This is a pretty scary reality.  But, to better understand the “how,” the researchers conducted a new study, recently published in the peer-reviewed journal Cytokine.

In this study, the authors focused on a specific type of immune cell known as cytokine interleukin 4 (IL-4). IL-4’s main role is to stimulate the immune system to create other types of immune cells in response to some sort of threat.

Interestingly, it turns out that IL-4 is the MAJOR type of cytokine associated with exposure to hepatitis B vaccines.  In other words, when an organism is injected with a Hep B vaccine, IL-4 serum levels rise dramatically.

This is a protective anti-inflammatory response against the drug and all the harmful toxins inside it – the body can’t help but do this.

Breaking down the very real danger of the hepatitis B vaccine

Statistical analysis shows that when there’s more IL-4 in the blood, there’s also more IL-4 in the hippocampus – a part of the brain largely involved in emotion, memory, and regulation of the autonomic nervous system.

Unfortunately, this kind of overexposure to IL-4 in the hippocampus can trigger a neuroinflammatory response, ultimately leading to brain damage.

It’s here that the authors put two and two together:

Knowing that IL-4 can pass the blood-brain barrier and trigger inflammation in hippocampus, and realizing that IL-4 levels SPIKE in response to a Hep B vaccine, the authors logically deduced that it could be the excessive amounts of vaccine-induced IL-4 itself contributing to post-vaccine brain damage in their animal models.

To figure this out, they injected infant mice with a rodent-version of IL-4 (no vaccine whatsoever). Their findings?  As the authors put it, these mice had a “neuroinflammation and cognition impairment similar to those induced by neonatal hepatitis B vaccination.”

Key point: Over-exposure to cytokine IL-4 can cause brain damage

The following points (below) highlight the main findings of this research:

  • Administering a hepatitis B vaccine stimulates the increase of cytokine IL-4 in the blood.
  • IL-4 then crosses blood-brain barrier, leading to inflammation in the hippocampus.
  • These elevated levels of IL-4 in the blood and brain can last for 4-5 weeks.
  • This prolonged inflammatory process can ultimately lead to brain damage plus cognitive and behavioral impairments.

The authors sum up their findings succinctly: “This finding suggests that clinical events concerning neonatal IL-4 over-exposure, including neonatal hepatitis B vaccination…may have adverse implications for brain development and cognition.”

In the long-term, this could even be a possible mechanism for development of things like autism, multiple sclerosis, and other neurodevelopmental problems.

Sadly, the only thing, just as troubling about this news is that American mainstream media hardly seems to make a peep out of it.

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