HPV vaccine leaves another 17-year-old girl paralyzed

HPV vaccine leaves another 17-year-old girl paralyzed
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(NaturalHealth365) The push for increased use of the Gardasil vaccine in adolescent girls continues, despite even more evidence of severe HPV vaccine risks. Another teenage girl is telling her story about being rendered paralyzed by the HPV vaccine.

Nicole El-Safty, a 17-year-old from Clacton, Essex, has been completely motionless and unable to move since a few months after receiving the Gardasil vaccine.  She was dreaming of becoming a dancer, but can now no longer even stand.

Injecting poisons: Making the HPV vaccine mandatory has become a worldwide campaign

The HPV vaccine is given free in the UK and is administered widely throughout the United States. Some U.S. states such as Florida are even making moves to require the vaccine in teenage girls in order for them to be able to go to school.

Nicole El-Safty is one of many young women who have suffered HPV vaccine side effects as a result of receiving the Gardasil shot. Two other British girls came forward in 2017 revealing that the HPV vaccine left them unable to walk.

Despite these tragedies, public health officials are continuing to insist the vaccine is ‘perfectly safe.’  When confronted with stories like this: they continue to deny a link between Gardasil and paralysis – although they admit to minor issues like, nausea, headaches and fever.

Heart problems, severe ulcers and infertility on the list of HPV vaccine risks

The so-called goal of the HPV vaccine is to protect against the HPV virus.  Conventional (junk) science – paid for by the pharmaceutical industry – suggests that there is a higher rate of cervical cancer coming from the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection.

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As expected, the U.S. and UK governments – which are heavily controlled by the vaccine manufacturers – say that the vaccine has already prevented thousands of cases of cancer. (But, can we really trust their date?!)

In addition to debilitating paralysis, Miss El-Safty also suffers from severe ulcers and heart issues. She is now worried that she might have problems with infertility down the road, as this is another reported HPV vaccine side effect.

It is estimated that 8 in 10 people will be exposed to the HPV virus during their lifetime. While it doesn’t progress to cancer in most cases, there is some risk.  (But, obviously, to avoid cancer – we should be focused on the strength of the immune system, not vaccine compliance.)

Let’s educate our teenagers about making healthy and responsible choices

With such severe risks and side effects from the HPV vaccine, clearly this vaccine is not the answer to avoiding cancer.  It’s time we held vaccine manufacturers responsible for making such horrible products.  And, more importantly, it’s time for us to demand that our modern healthcare (and political) system support healthy lifestyle choices.

We need to do a better job teaching physicians about the value of nutrition for preventing cancer; make it illegal for food manufacturers to put cancer-causing ingredients in our food supply and BAN the use of cancer-causing substances like, mercury and aluminum in all vaccines.  This would be a good place to start.

Parental WARNING: If you have teenagers who are being offered the Gardasil shot in school or at the doctor’s office, you should educate yourself to make an informed decision.  Better yet, let’s teach our kids how to protect their health – in order to reduce the risk of health issues like, the HPV virus and other immune-challenging conditions.

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