Laughter has a ‘funny effect’ on our physical and emotional health

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laughter(NaturalHealth365) Everyone loves a good laugh!  After all, humor is one of the joys of being alive.  We also know that laughter can relieve chronic stress issues – a major risk factor for disease.

Technically speaking, there’s actually several laughter types correlating to different social and emotional states such as conspiratorial laughter, gallows humor and nervous laughter.  But, the most beneficial is a celebration of life from the heart and soul.

Science speaks out: Many studies have substantiated the therapeutic effects of joyful laughter on physical health and the emotional well-being. Of course, laughter also helps with that feeling of ‘emotional reciprocity’ and a sense of bonding with others. (so important for great health)

Famous writer says, laughter ‘therapy’ helped to create a long, happy and successful life

In the 1960s, editor and writer Norman Cousins was diagnosed with a painful and debilitating spinal condition. Cousins believed that stress contributed to his illness, so he decided to use positive emotions in a focused way to help relieve his condition.

He started watching comedies on television, striving to laugh at least 10 minutes each day. He was able to achieve pain-free sleep, which had not been possible when taking morphine. He attributed “laughter therapy” to his long, happy and successful life.

Indeed, laughter seems to be a kind of drug, producing a natural high. A European study found laughter triggered an opioid-like release in the pleasure centers of the brain. The researchers also found that subjects’ pain thresholds were significantly increased after watching comedy shows that made them laugh.

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Laughter yoga LOWERS your risk of illness

A study of pediatric patients found laughter helped to reduce the stress hormone cortisol in the body. High levels of cortisol are linked with a higher risk of disease, anxiety and depression.

In addition, laughter has been shown to stimulate dopamine, serotonin and endorphin production, which is associated with reduced pain and a happier mood.

A study with hemodialysis patients found that an hour of laughter therapy per week along with breathing exercises, stretching and meditation improved symptoms, mood and other factors. “Laughter yoga” has also helped to elevate the mood of people suffering with Parkinson’s disease.

By comparison, a Japanese study found those who report never or almost never laughing had a 60 percent greater risk of stroke and a 21 percent higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Laughing regularly is also associated with better memory, learning and mood along with significantly reduced risk of depression.

Laughter offers the best medicine – without the nasty side effects of conventional drugs

There’s no denying: laughing feels so good.  So, it’s not surprising that it improves health in many ways.  It has no negative side effects and is 100% natural.  This has lead even the conventional medical world to conclude that laughter is truly the best medicine and can help just about everyone to recover from serious health problems like, cancer and heart disease.

What’s the bottom line? Laughter from the heart is healing.

Here’s a good tip: When trying to heal from any illness, be sure to spend your time with people who have a good sense of humor. Negative people will tend to have a bad influence on your emotional (and physical) health.

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