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Curcumin stops cancer cell growth, NEW scientific discovery


(NaturalHealth365) Turmeric, a kitchen spice that hails from India and Southeast Asia, has long been treasured by natural healers for its ability to fight inflammation, regulate blood sugar and combat infections. But turmeric benefits extend even beyond these traditional uses.  In fact, ongoing research suggests that its active ingredient – a plant pigment known as curcumin – could be a ... Read More »

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Stomach cancer cells halted with whole tomato extracts


(NaturalHealth365) If you’re concerned about stomach cancer or your overall digestive health … this news will be of great interest to you. The Mediterranean diet has become regarded as highly beneficial to overall health, maintaining ideal weight and a reduced risk of cancer plus many other chronic disease conditions. One of the staples of this diet is tomatoes, especially the ... Read More »

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How potatoes can increase the risk of cancer cell growth


(NaturalHealth365) A recent campaign launched by The Food Standards Agency of the UK is warning the public about cancer risks from overcooked potatoes. Potato chips, French fries and well-done roasted potatoes are some of the biggest offenders, but other foods cooked at high temperatures can be problematic as well. Why? Because eating too much of these foods can fuel cancer ... Read More »

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Organic strawberries shown to stop cancer cell growth


(NaturalHealth365) Strawberries are a summertime favorite, prized for their sweet flavor. But research shows these berries may be delivering even more than meets the eye.  It’s worth noting that berries have been studied extensively for their potential cancer-fighting capabilities. Swedish researchers have found that extract from organic strawberries are particularly effective at stopping the growth of cancer cells. The organic ... Read More »

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Reduce cancer cell growth and improve the gut microbiome by eating walnuts


(NaturalHealth365) You might have already heard about the benefits of walnuts as a vegan source of omega 3s. The nutrients in walnuts offer many health benefits, including cardiovascular and brain health. However, new evidence is showing that they are effective in optimizing the gut microbiome to suppress colon cancer cell growth. And, by the way, colon cancer is currently the ... Read More »

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New research links monk fruit to cancer healing


(NaturalHealth365) Monk fruit, also known as luo han guo, has been a “longevity fruit” in China for centuries and is used in Chinese medicine for everything from respiratory infections to digestive issues. Many in the west may know monk fruit as a healthy and safe sugar substitute and also for its healing effects on cholesterol levels and diabetes. New research, ... Read More »

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Avocados shown to block cancer cell growth and protect your heart


(NaturalHealth365) An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but research shows the creamy avocado can hold its own when it comes to keeping you healthy. Studies have found the avocado’s generous supply of fatty acids, carotenoids, and other helpful nutrients are useful in the prevention of cancer and heart disease. But that’s not all the avocado has to ... Read More »

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Halloween treats that cause cancer cell growth

girl with lolipop

(NaturalHealth365) Halloween is upon us and millions of children (and adults) have a vision of candy corn and chocolate bars – filling up the ‘goodie’ bowls. But, what if the most popular Halloween treats had a warning label on it – promotes cancer cell growth. Would these junk foods – filled with food additives – still be popular? Think about ... Read More »

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Valuable nutrient inhibits cancer cell growth

(NaturalHealth365) Quercetin is a flavonol, one of a class of bioflavonoids found in apples, berries, grapes, red wine, vegetables, leafy greens and grains. Plants produce this chemical to protect themselves from parasites, bacteria and cell injury. In addition, plant food can reduce our risk for cellular damage. Reduce your risk for environmentally-caused cancer Quercetin protects cell membranes from free radicals, ... Read More »

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