Military whistleblower told to keep her mouth shut over vaccine dangers

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military-woman(NaturalHealth365) Is the military leadership exposing U.S. troops to vaccine dangers? You see, while most health conscious people are focused on the impact of vaccines in our children, the truth is that any person – including military personnel – can fall victim to horrible vaccine side effects.

A sickening experiment: Military whistleblower Sherrie Saunders is sharing the truth about vaccinations given in the military and their devastating effects on the health and wellbeing of many soldiers. She was a U.S. Army medic at a combat support hospital during the Gulf War, and one of her jobs was to administer vaccines.

Watch this emotional testimonial by Sherrie Saunders – you will never be the same again:

Soldiers during the Gulf War era were given numerous shots, and one of them was the anthrax vaccine. Saunders says this vaccine was made by a company owned by then-Vice President Dick Cheney called Blackwater.

The anthrax vaccine is made with animal protein, which can cause severe reactions in those who are allergic to it. Other examples of animal protein vaccines include the flu shot and the tetanus shot.

Former soldier says Gulf War Syndrome is being caused by vaccines

However, these vaccine side effects and other adverse reactions of soldiers were dubbed “Gulf War Syndrome” by the military – despite the fact that many who contracted it were never actually deployed to the Persian Gulf.

Saunders is certain that “Gulf War Syndrome” is an adverse vaccine reaction, and that it was given a misleading name to deflect attention away from the truth.

It is estimated that over one-third of U.S. veterans from the 1991 Gulf War are affected by Gulf War Syndrome. The symptoms include muscle pain, chronic fatigue, cognitive issues, diarrhea and rashes. However, for those with severe allergies to vaccines made with animal proteins, “Gulf War Syndrome” has been fatal.

What is the real vaccine agenda inside the military?

Saunders says people in the military are “owned.” You must do what you’re told. She says soldiers are used as guinea pigs while being told vaccines are “for their protection.” Records are routinely “cleaned” if any issues arise. As a medic, she was never instructed to ask soldiers if they had any allergies to vaccines; everyone was simply injected.

When she began to speak up about anthrax vaccine side effects, her unit was visited by “men in black suits in dark SUVs with blacked out windows” who told her to keep her mouth shut and just do her job.

For Saunders, the need to speak out was blocked by her fear of punishment

Since leaving the military, she has become even more outspoken about these injustices. She is also exposing an even more sinister agenda that she and other soldiers believe is at play – one that paints vaccines as a tool used to shorten life spans intentionally for financial reasons. (Just watch at the 7:11 mark – in the video above).

Saunders says her faith in a higher power gives her the strength and courage to keep speaking out about vaccines. The American public needs to know about the dangers of vaccines, as well as policies of the U.S. military that view soldiers as disposable property.


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  • Ben Weiss

    Why should anyone expect the vaccines given to the soldiers to be safe. It is hard to find a perfectly safe vaccine that is given to the public. The word safe doesn’t apply to vaccines.

  • June Hatfield

    What a video it makes you think about what is going on. Our country is out of touch with ethics. We have to take matters is our own hands as this outspoken patriot is doing. You are only a patriot if you do the right thing for the people of this country.

    We think that a patriot listens and follow government rules. We need to think differently.

  • Kevin Benson

    This would seem unbelievable if you don’t understand the economics of America. The greed factor has a lot to do with how our country is run.

  • Malcome Shiffman

    We need to start hearing the truth. The government wants us to have blinders on so they can keep operating without opposition. They depend on us being dependent on the institutional programs. That is why you can’t live off the land the way we were intended to.

    They want control of our lives so they can profit off us and use us the way they see fit. Voting alone will not fix the problem the power structure isn’t what we are allowed to view.

  • Denny Morgan

    There are people that suspect there is something going on that isn’t right. What do you do about it? This is the problem facing us and that is why most people ignore their inclination to question the system. Instead they just go along as it seems easier in the short run.

  • Terry Stein

    I know first hand how the government uses people. If you look at the draft and recruitment centers you can hear the lies and misrepresentations. Having family members in the military I have seen the brainwashing going on.

  • Justin Hardy

    The pharmaceutical companies are not accountable so why would this not be true. The government contracts this industry and pays them large sums to come up with these vaccines. The reasons for the vaccines and the side effects are never really reported.

  • Emily Turner

    You really can’t heal without cleansing all elimination organs. Since ancient times fasting, cleansing and detoxing was used to prevent and reverse disease. Now, more than ever we should look to this modality to heal naturally.

  • Charlie Berg

    There has been some speculation that the vaccines given to soldiers caused the gulf war syndrome. The story never gets traction or stays on the radar.

    This is not exclusive to the gulf war syndrome-it is the way it happens when you suggest either the pharmaceutical industry along with the government has harmed its citizens.

  • GoldenAutumn

    God bless this woman. I can’t imagine the guilt that would haunt someone in her situation. I am thankful that she has come out and exposed the truth. This is so tragic. Sherrie, we stand behind you.

  • Max Detox

    My sister served in the US Army for decades. She developed narcolepsy and cervical cancer among other conditions. Shortly after receiving her last round of shots, her lymphatic system overloaded and several nodes swelled many times their normal size, and at least one exploded. The lymphatic system is one of the body’s main detoxification pathways. Narcolepsy and cervical cancer are known side effects of certain vaccines, even reported on the vaccines’ package insert. The Army never told my sister about the link between her illnesses and the vaccines; nor were her adverse events reported to the database.

  • Karen Scribner

    Joyce Reilly who was a nurse in the war is also trying to help. See her Power Hour.

  • genann59

    I had a friend who was a holistic doctor in San Antonio who told me the same as soon as people started reacting to the vaccines. The anthrax vaccine was also experimental and was given at the same time as another vaccine, I can’t remember anymore what that was. My friend told me the combination of the two vaccines was going to cause major problems down the line. And she was correct.
    She also told me that one reason so many Vietnam era vets have come down with leukemia since Vietnam was the adenovirus (sp?) vaccines that were given to all troops, which had already been linked to leukemia and were forbidden for use other than by the military. She said that since the adenovirus, although not deadly, was so contagious and could disable entire units for a short period of time, it was considered by the military to be a national security issue that the troops be vaccinated against it, even knowing it would likely cause many of them to develop leukemia AFTER military service. Apparently at some point after Vietnam they quit using that vaccine on the troops, since I have read about several outbreaks at military bases since then. Just about an entire barracks of basic trainees at Lackland AFB were infected a few years ago, and I believe one young basic trainee did die from it. The others quickly recovered. It is considered especially contagious in places, such as barracks, where people live in very close contact with many other people.

  • genann59

    I don’t know how many people followed this, but at the beginning of the second gulf war many career military people, officers and NCOs, who had seen what happened to people who got those vaccines in the first gulf war tried to refuse those vaccines. Many were court-martialed and dismissed from the military with less than honorable discharges for refusing those vaccines. I believe some were even sent to the Disciplinary Barracks (The Army and Air Force Maximum Security Prison at Ft Leavenworth) for refusing to accept those vaccinations. Those brave people were willing to fight and possibly die for our country but not willing to be killed or destroyed by our own govt for the advantage of Big Pharma.

  • EMFs

    Yep, as well as EMP weapons technology that was tested on the soldiers in the Gulf War.

  • DJM

    I am glad I am getting out!!!! I am pressured to stay in by family, and there is pressure to stay in because of fear of not having medical benefits when I am old. I DID NOT sign up for this mess. I also DO NOT appreciate the military harassing and bullying me about organ donation-out of nowhere- either!!! It took me eight months to fight for my rights to make my own health care decisions, and they put me in false light for it. They destroyed my health and well being. Judgement Day is coming soon…I can’t wait for that great and glorious day!!! 🙂