Military whistleblower told to keep her mouth shut over vaccine dangers

Military whistleblower told to keep her mouth shut over vaccine dangers
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(NaturalHealth365) Is the military leadership exposing U.S. troops to vaccine dangers? You see, while most health conscious people are focused on the impact of vaccines in our children, the truth is that any person – including military personnel – can fall victim to horrible vaccine side effects.

A sickening experiment: Military whistleblower Sherrie Saunders is sharing the truth about vaccinations given in the military and their devastating effects on the health and wellbeing of many soldiers. She was a U.S. Army medic at a combat support hospital during the Gulf War, and one of her jobs was to administer vaccines.

Watch this emotional testimonial by Sherrie Saunders – you will never be the same again:

Soldiers during the Gulf War era were given numerous shots, and one of them was the anthrax vaccine. Saunders says this vaccine was made by a company owned by then-Vice President Dick Cheney called Blackwater.

The anthrax vaccine is made with animal protein, which can cause severe reactions in those who are allergic to it. Other examples of animal protein vaccines include the flu shot and the tetanus shot.

Former soldier says Gulf War Syndrome is being caused by vaccines

However, these vaccine side effects and other adverse reactions of soldiers were dubbed “Gulf War Syndrome” by the military – despite the fact that many who contracted it were never actually deployed to the Persian Gulf.

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Saunders is certain that “Gulf War Syndrome” is an adverse vaccine reaction, and that it was given a misleading name to deflect attention away from the truth.

It is estimated that over one-third of U.S. veterans from the 1991 Gulf War are affected by Gulf War Syndrome. The symptoms include muscle pain, chronic fatigue, cognitive issues, diarrhea and rashes. However, for those with severe allergies to vaccines made with animal proteins, “Gulf War Syndrome” has been fatal.

What is the real vaccine agenda inside the military?

Saunders says people in the military are “owned.” You must do what you’re told. She says soldiers are used as guinea pigs while being told vaccines are “for their protection.” Records are routinely “cleaned” if any issues arise. As a medic, she was never instructed to ask soldiers if they had any allergies to vaccines; everyone was simply injected.

When she began to speak up about anthrax vaccine side effects, her unit was visited by “men in black suits in dark SUVs with blacked out windows” who told her to keep her mouth shut and just do her job.

For Saunders, the need to speak out was blocked by her fear of punishment

Since leaving the military, she has become even more outspoken about these injustices. She is also exposing an even more sinister agenda that she and other soldiers believe is at play – one that paints vaccines as a tool used to shorten life spans intentionally for financial reasons. (Just watch at the 7:11 mark – in the video above).

Saunders says her faith in a higher power gives her the strength and courage to keep speaking out about vaccines. The American public needs to know about the dangers of vaccines, as well as policies of the U.S. military that view soldiers as disposable property.


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