Your vitamin D level is directly linked to cancer prevention

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vitamin-D(NaturalHealth365) Vitamin D benefits have been linked with cancer prevention for years now, and the data keeps coming in. A recent study of pooled data has concluded that a vitamin D level of 40 ng/mL or higher is associated with significantly lowered risk of cancer.

Invasive cancers are far less likely to strike when the vitamin D level is optimal. This analysis of studies related to vitamin D benefits and effects was published in PLOS ONE in April 2016.

The evidence is clear: Does your doctor understand the proper vitamin D level needed for cancer prevention?

Researchers from UC San Diego led by Robert P. Heaney combined data from Grassroots Health, a study of 1,135 women, and a Lappe study, which included 1,169 women. Grassroots Health subjects had a median vitamin D level of 48 ng/mL, and Lappe subjects a median of 30 ng/mL vitamin D levels.

It was determined that a vitamin D level of 40 ng/mL or higher resulted in a 67 percent lower risk of cancer compared with vitamin D levels of 20 ng/mL or less. However, a vitamin D level of just 20 ng/mL has been recommended as ideal – since 2010 – by the Institute of Medicine.

Is fear of the sun justified for most people?

The 20 ng/mL vitamin D level is also recommended by the IOM for bone health, but it may not be sufficient for cancer prevention and protection. The study results show that nearly double is required to assist with cancer prevention.

Yet, most conventional outlets for ‘health’ information advise that people avoid sun exposure – which is the best way to trigger vitamin D production in the body.  In fact, most people would be surprised to learn, higher levels of sun exposure throughout life have been linked with up to a 70 percent lower risk of breast cancer. In addition to fighting cancer, vitamin D helps to protect us from infections, the common cold, flu, osteoporosis, and assists calcium uptake to improve bone health.

Vitamin D does incredible things for the immune system

Colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, and numerous other deadly forms of cancer are reduced 30 to 50 percent when vitamin D status is improved. Vitamin D also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, heart attack, and stroke by around 50 percent.

Vitamin D powers and modulates the immune system, so it is crucial in fighting infections and avoiding autoimmune diseases. Other issues associated with a vitamin D deficiency include pre-eclampsia during pregnancy, asthma, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn’s disease.

In fact, vitamin D deficiency is a major problem in the U.S. This has been caused, in large part, to the overuse of sunscreen and public labeling of the sun as cancer-causing.

Sunlight, the right foods and vitamin D supplementation help to ensure you get enough vitamin D

While prolonged sun overexposure can lead to skin cancer, the sun is crucial in vitamin D production in the body. However, a little goes a long way; just a few minutes of sun exposure per day on unexposed skin can help to create ideal vitamin D levels.  Of course, for those living in the northern hemisphere (far away from the equator) – a lack of direct sunlight makes it more difficult to get enough sun exposure to generate vitamin D production in the body.

The key is exposure to the UVB rays of direct sun, although vitamin D can also be derived from food, supplements and safe UVP tanning beds. The top vitamin D-rich foods include oily fish, mushrooms, tofu, yogurt, cheese, eggs and soy.  Naturally, the quality of the food matters and one should avoid GMOs – at all cost.

For the average sized adults, a daily vitamin D supplement of 5,000 to 10,000 IUs per day can produce the ideal 40 ng/mL blood level in the body – depending on how deficient you are and your own individual biochemistry.  This right dosage needs to be adjusted based on body weight, current lifestyle habits and health history.

Like we always say – here at NaturalHealth365 – don’t guess, just test.  Work with a qualified healthcare provider and get your levels right today.

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  • Nancy Belinski

    vitamin D is so important, yet there is very little said about it in the press. In fact because of the fear of the sun this vitamin has taken a backseat to other more emphasized vitamins.

    If you want to avoid the flu, colds, and virus such as the shingles, and Epstein Barr you have to have good levels of vitamin D. It has been found that people who have those virus have low levels of this vitamin.

  • Rochelle Tanzer

    A new recent study published demonstrated a fact about the benefit of vitamin D in 167 adolescent girls. They were protected from having osteoporosis occur as they aged.

  • Brian Hoffman

    Vitamin D must get special consideration since the one good source is being demonized. With limited sun exposure real health issues will come up. Over the years we will see significant problems.

    Without adequate amounts pandemics, which the government keeps warning about may actually come about. What we have forgotten is TB was spreading in inner-cities because of lack of sun exposure.

    Just as vitamin C is essential so is vitamin D. Vitamin D3 along with vitamin K2 is necessary for human health.

  • Phillip Berger

    To many medically trained doctors a vitamin D level of 30 is find. That number is considered in the normal range. Even when if falls below that the physician usually doesn’t address it. I have seen this many times while working with doctors. The patient is never told to take steps to bring up the vitamin D level.