Alcohol industry suppresses facts about alcohol-related cancer risk

Alcohol industry suppresses facts about alcohol-related cancer risk
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(NaturalHealth365) An analysis by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine along with the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden has found the link between alcohol use and breast cancer has been systematically suppressed by many alcohol manufacturers.

The team examined 26 websites and online data put forth by major alcohol companies between September 2016 and December 2016. Most of them – 24 of the 26 – revealed at least some distortion, omission or misrepresentation of information related to cancer risk brought on by alcohol use.  Colorectcal cancer and breast cancer were the most underrepresented on the websites.

Alcohol company website information regarding risk of breast cancer and other cancer types unclear at best

The most prevalent way the companies muddied the waters about this information was by presenting it as “highly complex.” The companies also stated that there was a lack of an independent or consistently verified link between alcohol and cancer despite numerous studies making this connection.

Some websites showed a denial of any risk at all, while others said there was no risk as long as drinking was kept light to moderate. Some companies obscured the data by saying that alcohol was just one of a great many risk factors for breast cancer and other cancer types.

The researchers feel strongly that public health organizations and policy makers should address how these companies are dealt with. They say more stringent requirements should be enforced related to how alcohol companies present important data about their products and the potential health risks.

Alcohol byproduct acetaldehyde destroys DNA and disrupts cellular processes

Drinking alcohol is a well-known risk factor for a range of cancers and other health issues, including oral cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and colorectal cancer. The downplaying or outright omission of this information mirrors the approach taken by the tobacco industry for decades.

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Alcohol contains toxic metabolites that diminish health and can set the stage for diseases such as cancer.

As alcohol is broken down by the body, it’s converted into acetaldehyde, a known carcinogen that can destroy the DNA at a cellular level. It also suppresses antioxidant defenses and certain cellular mechanisms for self-repair. This opens the door for inflammation and free radical production that can lead to cancer and a range of other illnesses.

Vitamins and milk thistle can help offset the negative effects of alcohol

As you may know, alcohol consumption has been linked with a 44 percent increase in oral, tracheal and esophageal cancers in men, and a 25 percent higher cancer risk in women. Heavy drinking can increase risk of liver failure, stroke and neurodegenerative disease.

Taking key vitamins and supplements like folic acid, B-6, thiamine (B-1) and niacin can reduce cancer risk in those who consume alcohol. Vitamin C can replenish antioxidants, and milk thistle can be extremely restorative to the liver.

Bottom line, there’s no doubt, that eating a healthy diet, taking nutritional supplements and drinking plenty of fresh (pure) water is a smart move – along with the reduction in alcohol consumption.

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