Stop cancer cell growth with the use of turmeric

Stop cancer cell growth with the use of turmeric
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(NaturalHealth365)  Naturally, there’s a huge motivation to eliminate the threat of cancer.  But, in many cases, Western medicine fails to provide a safe and effective solution.  Yet, despite the appearance of a narrow set of options, we actually have many ways to naturally stop the growth of cancer – including the consumption of turmeric.

Unfortunately, due to a ‘medical obsession’ over risky surgical procedures, toxic chemotherapy and radiation, we rarely hear about the power of natural remedies outside of the world of natural health.  This is mainly due to the influence of the pharmaceutical industry over Western medicine and the media.

However, with all the compelling evidence, we can’t ignore the positive effects of curcumin – a significant component of turmeric – on cancer cells.

Why cancer cells find it hard to survive in the presence of turmeric

Researchers have long known that cancer and chronic inflammation are deeply connected.

As far back as 1863, physician Rudolf Virchow noted that ‘cancer often arose at sites of chronic inflammation, such as where an injury had occurred or a degenerative disease took root.’

One of the main benefits of turmeric is its ability to fight inflammation.  Bottom line, this substance creates a very unfriendly atmosphere for cancer cell growth.

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According to multiple studies, we know that oxidative damage and inflammation is at the root cause of cancer and other chronic diseases.  In fact, epidemiological evidence demonstrates that preventing chronic inflammation – which often gets triggered by a poor diet and lack of exercise – may very well be the best way to avoid a cancer diagnosis.

Curcumin, the principal ingredient in turmeric, has the potential to do this.

Unlike chemotherapy and radiation, curcumin has a proven track record of success – as an effective, anti-inflammatory agent.   It does so by regulating enzymes, cytokines, adhesion molecules and protein kinases (among others) that are associated with an inflammatory state.

The best way to defeat cancer is to REDUCE oxidative stress in the body

Oxidative stress is what happens to the body when free radicals are high and antioxidant levels are low.  This is a very bad combination.

Free radicals are often produced when your body is exposed to toxic chemicals (and, even, too much mental or emotional stress).  This, in turn, (over time) damages the cells and organs of our body.

The worst offenders are: tobacco smoke, car and paint fumes and literally thousands of unwanted chemicals in the air, water and food supply.  In terms of mental / emotional triggers?  Unresolved fears, guilt and resentment are major contributors to chronic inflammation and cancer cell growth.

Antioxidants, on the other hand, help to protect our cells from harm.

This is one of the most important points to note about turmeric and cancer: Because curcumin is an antioxidant, it works to combat those free radicals before they have a chance to wreak havoc – which eventually can cause out-of-control cancer cell growth.

Studies have demonstrated that many forms of turmeric can help to achieve desirable results.  In one research project, scientists said: “We conclude that the turmeric varieties investigated in this study are useful sources of natural antioxidants, which confer significant protection against free radical damage.”

Even after a cancer diagnosis, turmeric can help in significant ways

In addition to its potential role in preventing cancer, the benefits of turmeric extend to fighting it – once it presents itself.  More than a decade ago, some studies indicated that curcumin might disrupt the signaling pathways of tumors, reducing their ability to progress.

In addition, researchers at the Mayo Clinic have said, “laboratory and animal research suggests that curcumin may prevent cancer, slow the spread of cancer, make chemotherapy more effective and protect healthy cells from damage by radiation therapy.”

The takeaway?  There’s certainly no harm in upping anti-inflammatory and antioxidative agents in your life – especially as these are linked to preventing other diseases as well, including metabolic syndrome, dementia plus many other health issues.

You can get your turmeric by cooking with it, drinking it in juices or taking supplements, so talk to an integrative physician and see if this makes sense for you.

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