NEW Evidence: Cancer linked to a metabolic disorder, NOT a genetic disease

NEW Evidence: Cancer linked to a metabolic disorder, NOT a genetic disease
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(NaturalHealth365) The convention medical world views cancer as a ‘mystery’ – claiming it’s largely inherited through our genetics.  However, new research from a collaboration by 17 medical institutions has found that cancer occurs due to cells using energy in an ‘abnormal’ way.  This makes cancer a metabolic disorder.

Of course, these findings challenge decades of drug-based, research.  But, the results have the potential to revolutionize cancer treatments.

Cancer seen as a metabolic disorder

For the study, the blood of over 1,200 patients was studied.  Mass spectrometry was used to measure quantities of amino acids, sugars and lipid levels.

And, scientists found that based on specific metabolic signatures, breast cancer could be detected and identified with more than 95 percent accuracy.  In other words, most women get breast cancer due to their metabolism – not genetics.

This shows that cancer is not a ‘genetic illness’ (in most cases)arising from DNA mutations; instead, it is a metabolic condition caused by cellular stress as a result of nutrient deprivation. Cells that are oxygen-deprived are unable to generate sufficient energy.

They then use different metabolic pathways to process proteins and sugars. This is what causes them to mutate into cancer cells. It is the use of both mutated and non-mutated cell pathways that leads to problems.

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These findings align with recent links established between cancer and obesity. The development of quantitative mass spectrometry technology is also a factor; it allows researchers to examine, measure and accurately quantify the substances found in blood chemistry.

And, yes, the differences between people in a ‘normal range’ and those with cancer was undeniable.

Breast cancer is avoidable and early diagnosis is the key to survival

The implications of these study results are significant, as they could establish a ‘new’ (better) platform for an earlier, more accurate cancer diagnosis. These results could also pave the way for focused prognostic information that can assist with response and survival as well as prevention insights related to nutrition.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer type found in American women. Over 250,000 new cases were diagnosed in 2017, and 40,000 deaths were associated with the disease that year.  Of course, early detection is key to survival, but mammograms and ultrasound often fail to detect the disease in its early stages, when it is most curable.

Key point: Creating a ‘friendly’ internal environment though positive lifestyle choices will prevent cancer cell growth

Nutrition and lifestyle choices are also key to preventing and beating cancer. Eating a diet rich in organic vegetables and fruits along with a moderate amount of lean protein helps to create a positive internal and metabolic state.

Regular exercise and maintaining an ideal weight are also important to healthy cellular functioning, blood chemistry and metabolism.  Remember, a combination of healthy lifestyle choices and good nutrition will reduce your cancer risk – considerably. (get started today!)

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